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SOS! FIRS Spends N188,000 For Each Driver’s Uniform!!

By Ikechukwu Obi


Dressing Government Drivers in Lace and Silks? N188,000 for ONE single driver’s uniform!

As in, one hundred and eighty-eight thousand Naira (188,000) to sew uniform for one single driver in Federal Inland Revenue Service [FIRS]?

And there are 850 of them, making a whopping N160 million for uniforms in a country where half its citizens live in abject poverty.

And just when I thought they would deny the figure as a mistake or something, the FIRS Chairman himself defended the amount saying it is to make them “fit properly into the structure.”

So you see, in Buhari’s Government, you have to dress your drivers in Swiss lace and expensive silks to get them to drive well.

And oh, they will also spend N850 million on refreshments and N250 million as security vote in FIRS in 2019. Everybody now has security vote (authority stealing) and drinking tea costs close to a billion in a country where people go to bed hungry.

Babatunde Fowler came from the Lagos system, a creation of Bola Tinubu who is desperate to become President of Nigeria.

We know what is wrong with us in this country.

We know very well, just that we choose to defend the stinking rot when it suits us.

You take away one set of corrupt people and replace them with a more vicious set and claim you are making progress.

Don’t worry, one day na one day…

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