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Southeast Nigeria: The Danger Signs Are There and Everywhere

By Dr Chukwuma Egemba


For the past five years, since President Muhamamdu Buhari came to power, the plans of the minority Fulani community to takeover and dominate Nigeria totally and completely accelerated in high speed and is almost complete.

From the total monopoly/domination of the security apparatus of federal government; the unleashing of the herdsmen on the south, especially the Southeast; the release of Boko Haram terrorists and their absorption into the army, police and other security agencies to the recent dumping of arms and imported/local terrorists in different areas of the south, especially Southeast, the preparations are complete.

The dumping of the terrorists even accelerated during period of total lockdown in the country when travelling was restricted to essential matters and emergencies only. Is movement of terrorists’ essential travel?

Therefore mass killings, pogrom or genocide are in the making. The notices/signs are everywhere, enough warnings (including by UN and other foreign intelligences) have been given in different ways, politicians/political leaders at all levels (from the President, Senators to local government leaders; community leaders and leaders of organisations of all sorts are all aware.

Yet, nothing is being done about the looming danger, except episodic noise by few individuals and politicians. Terrorist attacks and killings at a very large scale is looming in the Southeast!

To make matters worse and to test waters, they took over Imo State, my state and the heartland of the Igbo nation and nothing happened – hence they were emboldened to take their preparations to the next level.

The questions are: 1) if the killings starts tomorrow and blood starts to flow, who will take the blamed? 2) What excuses will the politicians and other leaders give for looking the other way and doing nothing? 3) Can this impending catastrophe be averted? 4) What did I, you, groups and other organisations do to stop/prevent this catastrophe?

Therefore, I am officially and directly holding the followings responsible if the expected/unexpected happen:
1) President Buhari – as the chief security officers of the federation-nothing happens without his knowledge/approval;
2) The National Assembly for failing in their duty to ask questions and hold the president to account; for not compelling the security chiefs to explain the movement of arms and terrorist all over the Southeast;
3) The Army, police and other security agencies for keeping blind eyes, supporting and abetting the terrorist movements;
4) All southeast governors especially, Hope Uzodinma of Imo State – their planted agent, for support and abetting the terrorists.
5) All southeast senators for their ‘I don’t care’ attitude and not asking serious questions and taking other measures to stop/delay the action;

6) Leaders of socio-cultural organisations, community leaders and other organised groups for not speaking out enough and mobilising the masses to force governments to take the matter serious and for doing something tangible to prevent the matter from getting worst;

7) The media – especially print and electronic (Radio and TV) – for not highlighting and taking seriously this imminent danger and drawing the attention of relevant authorities to it.

I will exonerate the masses because they need to be mobilised, organised and led for effective mass action. The masses have been failed media and leaders at all levels.

In conclusion and by this piece and through this medium, I am adding my voice and warning that the security of life and property are in grave danger in the whole of southern Nigeria and southeast in particular. Urgent action is required by the federal/state governments and the security agencies to avert this looming danger.

From the presidency/security agencies to the markets and motor parks – will anybody claim ignorant of this looming danger? Where are the Southeast Governors, Southeast Senators and House of Representative Members? Are they blind? Can’t they see and sense the dangers hovering around their people? Bye the way, who are they governing and representing?

I rest my case and wait for answers!

Dr Chukwuma Egemba
Co-Founder of Radio Biafra London
Email: e1504@hotmail.com

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