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Southern cowards vs Northern fools ~ by Bayo Oluwasanmi


When it comes to politics of divide and conquer, they outsmart the intelligent southerners, some with Ph.Ds and other higher academic qualifications.

I don’t believe in one Nigeria. I don’t believe in 2023 elections. I believe one Nigeria is not possible because it’s not doable. We are not one. We will never be. I believe Nigeria will never know peace, progress, and prosperity until and unless we go our our separate ways.

A friend sent me a video of press conference of unknown Fulani group – Northern Consensus Movement. In the long repetitive whining by the spokesman of the movement, he said the north has a population of 120 million, and Fulani has 40 million. He said by adding the two numbers, it gives the north 160 million people.

He said Nigeria population is 210 million. He said by subtracting 160 million from 210 million, the south population is 70 million. He said there was no way the south could defeat the north. No doubt, the witch of Endor must have given him the population stats.

He concludes his ramblings by saying southern governors or any socio-cultural group could not arm-twist, intimidate, or coerce the north. He said north would elect a fresh northern president by February 2023 and would not abandon their remaining four years.

The fool was referring to the four years that former President Musa Ya’radua didn’t complete before he died. The nonentity is ignorant of what the 1999 Constitution says about succession when a serving president is incapacitated or dies.

Some northerners are illiterates, uneducated, uncivilized, unintelligent, incompetent, incapable, unexposed, violent, no regard to rule of law but with morbid allegiance to jihadism. When it comes to politics of divide and conquer, they outsmart the intelligent southerners some with Ph.Ds and other higher academic qualifications.

The southern cowards are betrayers, traitors, crumb eaters whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

Northern fools take advantage of southerners’ disunity and dictate terms of political engagement that makes them king makers. Which is why the northerner fools have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams to perpetuate their hegemony on the south.

The unity of northerners have never been in doubt when it comes to politics. They stick together no matter what. They are not bothered whether or not the northerner possess leadership qualities and abilities for the presidency. All they are interested in is power – power at the center.

By maintaining power at the center, they will control the resources of the whole country. They will divert the resources to the north. They will steal as much as they want. All these malpractice and malfeasance drive Buhari’s regime.

The southern cowards are only concerned about their stomachs. They are more than willing to sell their birth rights for a cup of the Fulani staple Tuwo. When northern fools asked southern cowards to jump, southern cowards will say how high?

Each time the southern governors take a stand on burning national issues, the northerners are quick to condemn and castigate them. Immediately, the southern governors will revert into their cocoons.

But lately, it seems the southern governors have woken from their trance. They can see clearly now the veil is off. Henceforth, they must maintain unanimity and display unity on matters that affect their own people. They must stand their ground that the south must produce the next president.

They must tear their toga of timidity, cowardice, subservience, and other slavery attitudes. They must stick together, let heaven fall! They should heed the warning of America’s Benjamin Franklin: “We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall hang separately.”

Bayo Oluwasanmi; bjoluwasanmi@gmail.com

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