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Southern Kaduna: Activist undertakes solo protest, blames El-Rufia, Buhari

An Imo State born human rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has embarked on a solo protest against the ongoing killings in Southern Kaduna.

Addressing our correspondent, Njoku, accused the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufia and the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, of failing to protect the lives and property of Nigerians especially those in Southern Kaduna.

Mr. Ikechukwu, lamented that Southern Kaduna people are being killed because they are predominantly Christians hence witnessing more deadly but ethno-territorial violence in northern Nigeria.

He claimed that Governor El-Rufia deliberately imposed a 24-hour curfew in Southern Kaduna.

The curfew, he said, effected an easy ambush and weakened the self-defense and physical prowess of the peaceful youths and people of Southern Kaduna against their orchestrated Killers whose sponsors and perpetrators are unknown and could not be arrested and prosecuted despite the curfew.

“If a Muslim is killed by a Christian in self- defense to his life, Governor El-Rufia will first announce it on the local and national television stations but if 50 Christians are killed, he would tell you there is no problem and that they are on top of the situation. President Buhari and Governor El-Rufia do not value Christian lives”, said Njoku.

Mr. Paul, bemoaned that the senseless killings and mass murder in Southern Kaduna is unwarranted, adding that the defense mechanism of both the Federal Government and Kaduna State Government remain unreasonable and unacceptable.

Comrade Njoku, further decried that President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor El-Rufia of Kaduna State are keenly watching the hapless Southern Christian people of Kaduna State being slaughtered periodically by the Fulani killer militias and bandits without protection and arresting the murderers.

He lamented that Churches in Kaduna State and Nigeria have been appealing to their people to be law-abiding but no one is appealing to the Fulani killers to stop the unconventional genocide.

The rights activist cited Article 51 of the United Nation Charter on self-defense against non-state actors and therefore urged the people of Southern Kaduna to rise up to the occasion and defend themselves by stopping the killers of occupation from completely wiping them off from their respective ancestral and indigenous lands.

“I hold Mr. President and Governor El-Rufia responsible for the ongoing genocide in Southern Kaduna because they sworn oaths of office to protect the lives and property of their people but failed contrarily and woefully in an organised way.

“Are you not aware of the senseless carnage and pogroms? Are the people of Southern Kaduna not our fellow human beings?

“How would they feel if their children are gruesomely slaughtered in such a barbaric way.

“Every human being on Earth has the fundamental human rights to life and to live peacefully as guaranteed by the United Nations Security Council and the repertory of practice of the United Nations Organs on Peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet.

“Are you not aware that last week, women in Southern Kaduna protested naked against governor El-Rufia over the rising insecurity and senseless killings in Southern Kaduna? The killings literally happen every day. It is very sad that the lives of Southern Kaduna people do not matter to the government.

“There is so much bloodshed in Southern Kaduna. The World must know that the dead are peoples’ fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, children and dreams”, he bewailed.

Recall that on Saturday, July 25, 2020, as reported by Punch, gunmen suspected to be Fulani militia launched fresh attacks on Southern Kaduna Communities despite a 24-hour curfew imposed by the Kaduna State Government. This happened as the umbrella body of Southern Kaduna people known as the Southern Kaduna’s peoples Union, said that 63 people had been killed in the last one week by the Fulani militia.

The latest killings were reportedly carried out around 7am on that Saturday where three communities in Jema’a and Laura Local Government Areas of Kaduna State were attacked and many killed whilst some sustained varying degrees of injuries during the attacks.

The three communities attacked were Zikpak and Ungwan Masara (Fantsuam Chiefdom) both in Jema’a Local Government Area as well as Maraban Kagoro in Kaura Local Government Area.

The spokesperson of SOKAPU, Luka Binniyat, lamented that no fewer than 50 gunmen invaded Zikpak and started shooting repeatedly. Having attacked Zikpak, the gunmen reportedly headed for Ungwan Masara and Maraban Kagoro where they also carried out further attacks.

The attacks came barely 24 hours after those that the victims described as Fulani militia that invaded Agwala Magayaki of Doka Avong in Kajuru Local Government Area of the State, killing people including an 85-year-old man while some locals were declared missing and several houses torched.

The attacks were fifth on the series of recent attacks ascribed to Fulani militia on Southern Kaduna.
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