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Sowore And Garba Shehu Fight Dirty


Garba Shehu, the spokesman of Muhammedu Buhari has called out Omoyele Sowore, the publisher of Sahara Reporters for lying against him. On the 28th of August, Sahara Reporters had reported how Garba Shehu used his power to upturn a decision made by the Council of State which appointed a Christian to head the National Population Commission but Garba Shehu suddenly rescinded that very decision by announcing his replacement with a Muslim candidate.

The said publication by Sahara Reporters angered Garba Shehu who responded by telling Sowore how his digital Newspaper is been funded through donor funds. He also accused Sowore of attempting to overthrow the government of his principal.

Shehu said, “The digital newspaper published using donor funds from the United States including the Ford Foudation and the Omidyar Foundation, which publisher is standing trial for plotting the overthrow of the elected government of Nigeria is reporting that I have changed the decision of a constitutional body, the National Council of State. Pray, I didn’t know that I was this powerful!”.

Omoyele Sowore who couldn’t hold back his temper also fired back at Garba Shehu informing him that his boss who overthrew a democratically elected government in 1983 is yet to face trial for treason. Sowore said, “Garba Shehu, let me remind you that the only Nigerian military officer who ever overthrew a democratically elected government in 1983 was and remains Major General Muhammadu Buhari, your current boss, he is yet to face trial for that criminal act of treason!”.

We can recall that in 2015, Omoyele Sowore was among the eggheads that campaigned vigorously for the enthronement of Buhari’s government. His relationship with the present government got to a very low ebb after he was arrested and dumped in DSS dungeon for staging a revolution against the government. The activist has accused Buhari’s government of human rights abuse, stifling of press freedom and not fulfilling almost 90% of their campaign promises to Nigerians.

APC government has also accused Sowore of being a manufacturer of fake news after Sahara Reporters became more critical of the policies and actions of the government.

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