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Sowore/#RevolutionNow: Shehu Sani mocks FG, calls it autocracy

Senator Shehu Sani has taken another swipe at the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government following the arrest of the convener of #RevolutionNow and the violent smashing of the group’s protests in some parts of the nation.

Taking to his Twitter handle in a series of tweets, Senator Sani said:

“If the new doctrine of Our country is about those who won and those who lost at the polls, then finding solutions to our problems cannot be a ‘collective responsibility’ of all citizens or ‘patriots’ but Squarely of those who won; and when or where they failed, to be directly blamed.”

“We despise the autocrats of other nations and revered the ones at home; We cherish the dissenters in other climes and denounce those at home; We can hang the portrait Nkrumah, Mandela and Dr. King in our homes, but we can’t [hang] that of Zik, Aminu Kano and Gani [Fawehinmi].”

On the violent smashing of the #RevolutionNow protest, he tweeted:

“Protesters must be treated with civility and decency.Protesters are the guardians and bastions of democracy.Crushing dissent endangers democracy. The Government and the security apparatuses of the state must respect the rights to objection and non conformity.”

Reminded Nigerians on the long walk to democracy, he said:

“Nigeria’s Democracy is a product of Culture of protests waged by those who stood up against military dictatorship.The ruling establishment is a product & a direct beneficiary of the culture of protest.Electoral victory does not vitiate the right of others to protest.”

#RevolutionNow is another opportunity in our history to recharge the spirit of our docile, forlorn and Servile Country and light up the real flames of freedom, and lead our people out of the shackles of the prevailing imposed paralysis and self-afflicted retardation.”

Taking to his Facebook account, he wrote:

“They run away from the python and tag the millipede as python. They hide from the hawks, hovering over the skies,and hunt the Doves in the Garden. They become lambs when they meet the Lions and become Tigers when they encounter the Gazelles.”

“The Government is walking in the sun and it’s allergic to Shadows.”

Rejecting the notion that those that failed election are championing the $RevolutionNow movement, he said:

“A Good friend of mine, high up in Government, Jokingly or Mockingly told me that ‘those who ‘lost elections’ have no moral right to speak or to protest’, and I jokingly replied by asking him whether he has ever said that to Baba when he lost three previous elections.And now my friend is angry with me. Sorry my friend, don’t be angry. I like Baba more than you.The difference is that your love for him will stop when he is out of power and mine will begin at that time.”

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