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Spibat Debacle: How Okorocha Would Have Made Jasper Ndubuaku A Matyr

The Attack An Act Of Treason By Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu


The recent attack on the Senior Special Assistant on Security and Chairman of the Imo State Committee on the Recovery of Moveable Assets by hoodlums linked to ex-Gov Rochas Okorocha is to be condemned in its entirety by every right thinking citizen of Imo State. The reasons are not far-fetched. We are operating a democracy in Nigeria. And democracy per se is government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Consequently, any attack on a government functionary is not only an attack on the Law and institution that empowers the official, but is also an attack on the people of the State who are being represented. Therefore, every right thinking Imolite should set aside parochial sectional and partisan sentiments to condemn this sad event holistically.

Few weeks ago, I had chided ex-Gov Okorocha for descending in to the arena, in an uncivilized manner, to vent his frustrations and misgivings against his predecessor through a radio station.

Instead of following a decent and formal channel of communication as a former Governor, serving Senator and apparently an “elder statesman”. Ex-MILAD Col Tanko Zubairu never did that to Achike Udenwa. Udenwa never did that to Ikedi Ohakim. So why should Okorocha to that to Gov Emeka Ihedioha?

This goes to show that the ex-gov is obviously agitated with the efforts made by government to probe his administration.

Accordingly, this may mean that the senator may have a lot of “skeletons in his cupboard”, which may have prompted his recent seditious comments inciting the citizenry to destabilise the government and probably truncate the ongoing probe of his administration.

It’s quite unfortunate that after being Governor for 8 solid years and now a serving Senator, Okorocha is not aware that based on the provisions of the Constitution, it’s an act of TREASON for any body to incite the people to destabilise or overthrow a sitting government, whether at the Federal or State level. If he is in doubt let him crosscheck with his lawyers.

Barrister Ikenna Emeh whom Nigerians now refer to as “Mr. I don’t know”, due to his lacklustre outing at the Channels Television debate with the Secretary to Imo State Government (SGI), may know this one. Having said that, I make bold to say that the attack on Hon. Ndubuaku is “Treasonable” and should be treated as such.

No President or Governor should condone or take lightly, any act of treason. Okorocha, if he is truthful to himself, will agree with me that in his own time as Governor, he would be the last person to tolerate any attack on his appointees.

It’s indeed a national disgrace for him as a former Governor and serving Senator to be linked to an attack on a government functionary. That is why this matter should not be swept under the carpet till all the culprits of this dastardly act are brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others.

The work of the Recovery Committee is not personal but the collective wish of the long suffering people of Imo State, and as a result is sacrosanct. It’s a task that must be done in order for the State to move forward.

If the ex-governor feels that he is innocent of all the allegations of graft levelled against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), let him vacate the restraining order he frivolously obtained against the Commission, gather his documents with facts and meet them in Court to clear his name.

Also he should do same by presenting himself to the various Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the State government.

This is the right way to go as a senior citizen and elder statesman. Any other route taken by him other than the above will be perceived as diversionary and obviously a proof of guilt. Nevertheless, Hon. Ndubuaku should be commended and even given a State Honours for putting his life on the line in service of the State.

He would indeed have become a matyr had it been he lost his life in the process. The attack on him and indeed the pungent reactions of Okorocha to the probe of his administration is a sure sign that Governor Ihedioha’s government is on track.

But while Okorocha may be sponsoring attack on others, he should be mindful that he has his family and friends who also are not unreachable. For those who hurriedly start a war, do not always win it!

By Barr. Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu; bobekene@gmail.com

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