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Stakeholders meeting about to take off in Awka, Anambra State

MD Coscharis Group, Mr. Cosmas MadukaPrelude to the meeting – Coscharis will speak as the only person with

operational farm in Anambra and he has been detailed to give the credit of the farm to Gov Willie M Obiano, he is to allude the secured situation as reason his farm is still in business

[Image: MD Coscharis Group, Mr. Cosmas Maduka]

[2] Outside the fact that every participant must sign attendance which will be used in the newspapers as those that signed the vote of confidence, in a situation they refused to do it with the payments arranged for it.

[3] The sole reason the stakeholders meeting were set for night is to say that -the state is secured and people can move freely at night.

[4] Instead to reach out as a man and make peace with the man that made him, the governor wants to force the stakeholders to form a committee that will be headed by senator ben obi to work as peace making committee between peter obi and Akpokue .so that his media will use abs and say that -peter obi did not want piss sorry peace

Finally if you ask me, if i am peter obi i will not even pick call toward such reconciliation committee meetings, because when he brought Akpokue even from the days of fidelity he did not form a committee for it and Akpokue ma ife na ese okwu, if he doesn’t know he should buy the music of ududo Nnobi which says and i quote “onye ugwo nucha ogu, okwuo ugwo oji we naba be ya”.

In all this, the game is still to see if he can make peter look like one who doesn’t want peace, but we know that Okwute bu Okwute and a man above his generation.

Mazi Odera reporting from Awka

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