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State Of The Nation: Magu Vs El-Rufai On Akpabio & 2019 Games


Magu : Hello His Excellency

El-Rufai: Magu how are you doing ?

Magu : Am good sir . I told you that it will work . Have you see how cheap he has fallen ?

El-Rufai: I know he is only good in talking without balls . Akpabio has a chicken mind from day one and some of us know it .

Magu : Walahi ! The man just fall yakata .

El-Rufai: I would have preferred getting Wike to APC than all these chicken hearted men .

Magu : Yes , but that one no go fall walahi ! He is a fighter .

Acting chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu

El-Rufai: Yes , he understands National Politics and knows how to mobilize for such fight .

He is very dangerous and intelligent too. Going after him will have serious negative consequences that can kill this regime prematurely . So avoid him at least for now .

Magu : His Excellency , walahi I can go after him or anybody in this country .

El-Rufai: Magu stop there ! Always know how to select your wars . Don’t embark in every war you see . Going after such men like Gov Wike can end your regime as EFCC chair . You know already that your continue stay in office with the rejection from NASS is even illegal .

Magu : aaaah ! Make I avoid that man oooo .

El-Rufai: But you are aware that Nigerians are watching us ba ? If you fail to prosecute Akpabio , Nigerians will question this govt .

Magu : I can take him to Court tomorrow His Excellency ! walahi My Excellency , me I no de fear anybody.

El-Rufai: Shut up you ! You see , you are not just intelligent at all ! I Wonder who nominated you as EFCC chair and why you are still one till now?

Which information do you even have to achieve that ?

Again, prosecution of Akpabio will start after we must have won second tenure and not now .

Magu : OK sir . My own is to retain my office His Excellency .

El-Rufai: When we get to that point . For now , is how to win the election that is the issue .

Magu : We have also reported on some other State Governors and we can use their files against them .

El-Rufai: Like who and who ?

Magu : Gov Alegbe of Osun , Gov Fayose , Gov Obiano , Gov Dickson , Gov…….

ElRufa : Stop ! You see why I said that you are not intelligent ?

Magu : His Eeee …

ElRufa : I said , stop !

How many Northern Governors are in what you are dishing out ? Don’t you know that Nigerians especially Southerners will pick it as a witch-hunt without adding a Northern Gov ?

Magu : Eehn Gov Ortom is involved after all he just decamped to PDP from APC .

El-Rufai: People will still argue that it is because Ortom is from North Central . You need a core Northern Gov to balance the list . Besides , Gov Obiano of Anambra State you mentioned is already working for us, so step down his own name for now until after we must have won too.

Magu : OK sir.  Sir can we use Kaduna as one of the Core North so that people will believe us like you said ?

El-Rufai: Which Kaduna !! ?

Magu : His Excellency what I mean is that since you are seen as core supporter of Buhari , EFCC going after your government will make people see us as unbiased umpire .

El-Rufai: Magu you mean you want to go after me to prove that you are working? Are you this daft ? You want to use EFCC on Gov El-Rufai of Kaduna state ?

Now you have confirm to me that you can be a traitor !

Magu : Sir is not that .

El-Rufai: Is not what Mr Magu ?

Let me tell you Mr Magu , some of us have your files too !

Magu : Sir em emm

El-Rufai: Stop your emm eem . I have your files . Thief like you that is accusing people . You cheap idiot !

Magu : His Excellency both of us are just reasoning on how to arrest those opposing the government without allowing the public to know .

El-Rufai: And you don’t see any other state and person to use for your stupidity outside El-Rufai and Kaduna State ?

Don’t worry , I think your time is up . I will bring the Daura Fraud Report he submitted against you with my own report too .

Magu : Sir , we can use another state outside yours .

El-Rufai: No ! Don’t worry ! I will teach you this game .You just crossed the red line !

Magu : Am sorry sir .

El-Rufai: Sorry for yourself . Let me even call Asiwaju to activate media war against you first before I will finish you from inside . Yes , Sowore will soon use your files to play in his Sahara . Nonsense !

Magu :  am sorry na …

El-Rufai: You don’t play with El-Rufai!

Am an action man ! Let me even call Asiwaju first !

Note: This is Satire from Onyia Fiction note .

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia ©2018

Abuja , Nigeria

Facebook : Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

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