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State Security Is Never A Product Of Miracle As Stated By Labaran Maku

… Where I disagree with Maku’s submission

Maku while on Odenigbo FM stated that  “Anambra is Security Miracle with Obiano “.

Labara Maku,  who was a former minister for Information and now National Secretary of APGA made the remark today in Anambra State .

Let me remind this great man (Maku) that Security is never a product of Miracle ,but a result of Conscious efforts of men and women towards securing the state . It is a product of Policy synergism . 

It can be done through a deliberate Public Policy targeting to secure the state !

A Well Secured Society is a product of Multiple deliberate Factors that are deliberately Synergized towards securing the system .

These Factors comes through : 

(1) Parliamentary Decisions in forms of bills , resolutions and motions .

(2)  Executive Decisions :

(3)  Political Will to enforce Parliamentary decisions .

(4)  Public Expenditure angle which will targets growing Local Economy in order to create Jobs and reduce unemployment !

(5)  Driving practical investors into the local economy !

(6)  Providing Security tools for the security agencies .

(7)  Giving incentives to Security staff .

(8)  Creating room for Community Policing in synergy with Police .

(9)  Engaging Community Leadership and other Social Organizations .

(10)  Media drive .

(11)  Inter- State Collaborations .

(12)  Fiscal Policy angle : Here , a govt that targets security will also use taxation as a strategy to encourage business growth which end up creating more jobs and reduce crime rate .

(13)  Education : Good education system will produce students that will see virtue in working to achieve greatness than going into crime .So, such Govt must invest towards education .

(14)  Capital Flight issue : A Security Conscious State or society must strive to reduce the rate of capital flight in order to grow and protect local job creating businesses that will in turn duse down the unemployment tension that generate crime .

(15)  Infrastructural Development : Building of rural roads by the previous Ngige and Obi Govts unlike Obiano , helped to reduce “Rural – Urban Migration” by way of creating economy in our rural communities through road connectivity .

The development led to retaining of manpowers within our rural communities as against moving to urban areas in search of unavailable jobs  , some of these urban migrants usually turn into crime when they fail to secure Jobs in urban cities .

These are some of the deliberate policy directions took by govts before Gov Obiano was elected !

The above are some of the roads to secure a State or modern Society especially when we talk about a society with a growing population and growing economy like ours .

I therefore, disagree with Labara Maku that Anambra State Security is a product of Miracle !

Miracle,  don’t secure a State or a Nation !

Anambra State Security is a product of Previous Govt Conscious Multi Public Policy direction which Gov Obiano inherited !

The Coming of Gov Obiano ought to sustain the  already created security , but with the current increasing wave of insecurity in Anambra as any observer of Anambra State security can attest to now , one can see that we need Security Policy Retouch (SPR) which this Govt don’t understand and not Miracle !

The inherited Security Policies in Anambra State is now begging for,  ‘Public Policy Retouch (PPR)’  as insecurity /Crime is already creeping back into the state , but does Gov Obiano led Govt understand this ? No !

I don’t blame Labara Maku when he said that Anambra State Security is a product of Miracle because there is nothing from Gov Obiano in term of Security Policy ,thus Maku called it Miracle without Knowing that Current Security state in Anambra was a product of deliberate Policy put in place before Gov Obiano was even elected !

It is very dangerous to add even one day to Gov Obiano’s current tenure not to talk about 4 years more .

*Vote Obiano OUT and Save Anambra !*


Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia, Abuja ,Nigeria


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