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Still waiting on EFFCC for my Sofa

Each time I get defrauded I feel violated and that was what I felt when I fell to the tricks of an online store called Jetaga. By 13th November 2020 I had paid seven hundred and fifty thousand naira for a sofa into GTB account 0545557369 with name JETAGE.COM.NG LTD. The company registration number is quoted as RC 1627524 with address as 30 Opebi Road Ikeja, Lagos. The phone numbers of the two agents that contacted me on the phone were Anabelle on 08180077800 and Paul on 09068878499. They did not deliver as agreed. They continued giving excuses until I realized I had been scammed. That was when I went to investigate and saw comments on their facebook site from mugu’s like me that fell for their trick. Mine was a sofa called Exclusive Blake Beguiling 7 Seater which I had seen on Jumia earlier but by the time I had budget to make the purchase it was no longer available. My desperation to have the seat made me look for it online. It is a seat I saw abroad, loved and wanted it (I would say I had even developed some emotional attachment to!). That desperation drove me to exploit all options with the unavailability on Jumia. It will soon be about a year this happened and the sour taste got awakened yesterday when I went for some window shopping in AFP; the furniture arm of Julius Berger which they recently opened in Port Harcourt. They confirmed they could make any seat if I get the model and I remembered my Beguiling sofa.
The most embarrassing thing was that I had asked a friend to come pick up my existing sofa in anticipation of a new one. We only agreed he waited until the new one. That last minute decision to wait until the new one arrived is what will guarantee you will have a place to sit if you come to my house today. I had also hyped my kids in the boarding school that we were getting new sofa. You can imagine my shame when the kids came back and there was no new sofa as daddy had bragged.
To get compensated for my trauma, suffering and pain I decided to contact the almighty EFCC. A friend told me not to waste my time; that EFCC does not deal in any matters less than four million Naira so they will not waste their precious time in my tashiri seven hundred and twenty thousand Naira. I did not buy his suggestion and went ahead to write my petition. I got their email address online and wrote an email to them 28th November 2020. When they did not respond, I wrote another one and went to their office in PortHarocurt and dropped it. Less than two weeks after I dropped the petition, they called me to come and adopt my petition. I was in the village for meeting Umunna then and told them I will come immediate I come back from village. I quickly attended to the invitation to adopt the petition when I came back and looked forward to getting my hard earned money back or the sofa I paid for. This was in January this year and we are now in August with no feedback yet on my case from EFFC hence this writing. I intend to get the attention of the EFCC Chairman so he can get the commission to attend to my case even though it is not in the range of the big fish that can grab media attention. As my people say okuko nwa ogbenye bu efi ya (a poor man’s chicken is his cow). If anyone has his direct line biko nyem (please give me).
I felt this one was going to be a low hanging fruit for the commission but it is appearing to be a high hanging one given the time it is taking for them to resolve the issue. With the account I paid the money into, I thought it would be an easy task to obtain the necessary information from the BVN. Surely someone owns the BVN and they can get to that person. Unless there are other things to it, which they are yet to tell me. I have called the investigating office several times and the message was always that they were working on it. I am frustrated already and another Christmas is coming hence my seeking closure by this writing while appealing to those with the relevant links to help me contact EFCC chairman to help me unmask this fraud syndicate lest other mugu’s like me keep falling. This discourages people from buying things online from small online shops hence stifling competition and limiting online sales to the big players. I still believe this is a low hanging fruit for EFCC and since this is harvest season, I am still waiting on EFFCC for my Sofa to compliment my iri ji (new yam) festival.
Obidike Peter wrote from p_obidike@yahoo.com and www.peterobidike.com
He is the Author of Aladinma: eighties to nineties, a reconnect
Sunday 15th August 2021-08-15

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