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Stop The N50m Cheque To CAFE, APGA Integrity Group Begs Arthur Eze

By Eneh Victor Chigozie

A group, APGA Integrity leaders has kicked against the continued support of Mrs Ebele Obiano’s NGO, Caring Family Enhancement Initiative, CAFE by Prince (Engr) Arthur Eze.

The group told AIF Media that Prince Engr Arthur Eze gave a cheque of 50 million naira to Mrs Ebele Obiano yesterday when the first family paid a courtsey visit to the philanthropist.

The Integrity leaders, some of whom are founding members of APGA said that Prince Arthur Eze had supported the First Lady’s NGO with over 300 million naira since its inception on August 2014. And had equally supported the administration of His Excellency, Gov Obiano on security and agriculture support programme with about 500 million naira.

The group is worried that despite all these supports, that Osodieme has not treated Prince Arthur Eze fairly. A member of the group told AIF Media that during the 2019 general election, that Hon Nonso Eze, the candidate of Ozoigbondu, was denied APGA ticket for the state House of Assembly on the instruction of Madam.

Nonso Eze who is a cousin to Prince Engr Arthur Eze won the party primaries, but he was denied the APGA ticket as Madam preferred Hon Lawrence Ezeudu despite all the financial supports her NGO had gotten from the Ukpo billionaire. AIF Media learned that Ozoigbondu was assured of the ticket for his cousin but he was betrayed during the primaries.

The group also alleged that during the inauguration of gov Obiano for 2nd term on March 17, 2018, that Prince Engr Arthur Eze was not invited. It was also on the instruction of Madam that his invitation was dropped.

Ozoigbondu as the Ukpo billionaire is popularly called is the single biggest philanthropist in Igboland. He has helped so many persons and saved a lot of lives. As one of the biggest supponsors of APGA programmes who has equally done a lot for APGA govts, the APGA Integrity Leaders are worried that given CAFE a whopping sum of 50 million naira yesterday is encouraging impunity against him.

They want to protect Prince Eze from exploitation of those who always come to benefit from him but goes behind to ridicule him.

AIF Media was told that the philanthropist ordered Fidelity Bank Enugu to pay the 50 million naira cheque to Madam’s NGO today. The APGA Leaders Group wants Prince Engr Arthur Eze to stop the cheque and rather use the money to continue helping the indigents and the less-privileged than giving it to those who never kept to promises.

“Prince Engr Arthur Eze is a man with a large heart, who earns respect everywhere due to his philanthropic gestures. God has used him to touch so many lives. This people have disappointed him, with all the money at their disposal in govt, why are they still coming here to collect money again after denying Nonso ticket? He has to stop that cheque, let them go elsewhere, they can not eat their cake and have it”, an APGA Leader told AIF Media.

“The pressure to stop the cheque has continued since yesterday but the Ukpo billionaire is a father to all, even if he refuses to stop the cheque, they should know that we are not happy with how they treat Oga”, another member fumed.

“Even after the most stupid APGA primaries and the mess that went with it, they still came here, truly, Ozoigbondu has a large heart, they don’t deserve the money he just gave them now”, he concluded.

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