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Submission: The Awakening Of The Radicals: Notes Of A Prophet (Part 2)


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There is a misplaced logic amongst the opposing bodies of the Biafran Dream. And their general conviction is that: every awakened indigene of the aforementioned defunct state is a purveyor of disunity – an agitator of war and violence.
But let me punctuate notes of truth to the detractors of the movements for the collective freedom of an enslaved people boxed in a convened experiment called Nigeria. The Biafrans are not blood-seekers of men neither are they forces of genocide nor butchers of vulnerable humans – children and women. The Biafrans are not religious extremists driven by satanic ideals that borders on death and gore of the innocents. The Biafrans are not human weaponries itching to bleed the skin of humanity. They are simply “the oppressed” in this context, in order words – they are the guiltless majorities forced on the receiving end of the various maladies bedeviling the malformed construct of Nigeria’s Nationhood. 
And because the collective ideologies of this persecuted race resonates with the diplomatic virtues of a civilized society rather than the obvious violent tendencies demonstrated by their oppressors, thus, in that capacity, the Biafrans cannot be labeled as willing tools for the outright destruction of a failed state. Such absurd mentality crosses the fine line of common sense and glorifies the death of human conscience!
And I dare say without sentiments or fear of condemnation that: the growing gang-up by the media, the western puppet masters and the common tribal coalition within the power corridors of Aso Rock, against the righteous revolution for the actualization of Biafra has all the markings of man-made evil.
Based on this deduction, it is a travesty of justice using bogus allegations of sedition and malicious acts as the final resort to ensure a meltdown of legitimate radicalism amongst the awakened Igbo youths and Niger Delta Avengers whose collective consciousness has transcended the borderline of mental slavery and are braving up to demand their birthrights.
Voice of the majority is the voice of God!
And I wish to forewarn that: the prolongation of Biafra’s genocide in this sick arrangement aimed to perpetuate the fraudulent unity of Nigeria’s existence is certain to shift the bulwark of peace – a dizzy transition to a second civil war. Hence, the oppressors in this British establishment should deem it fit to demonstrate common decency since “constructive opposition” is allowed in this radical drama of mind versus might.
And simply because a tiny coterie from Biafra’s geographical region has shamelessly opted to sell their birthrights by assuming the misplaced role as traitors, perhaps out of fear or ignorance for the greater good of their slave masters – does not question the legitimacy of the Biafran struggle for freedom!
Every freedom fighter or radical is conscious of the inevitability of a Judas with his poisonous kiss of betrayal.
Jesus was a popular radical and to a certain degree he mirrors the procession of modern political and religious radicals who were mercilessly betrayed in the course of their struggles – Mahatma Gandhi, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Paine, Emeka Ojukwu etc, etc.
The traitors of Biafra may have began as a squad of resistance objecting the resurrection of 1967 – the infamous year impregnated with the heathen fetus of genocide – the wanton annihilation of millions of vulnerable humans. However their noble consensus of objection towards the righteous struggle has grown into a suppression of justice for the Biafran genocide and the collective freedom of their racial existence from the slave mechanism established by the British Empire whose unwavering support for a unified Nigeria borders on selfish interests.
Ignorance is indeed a disease!
But I swear it by the God of humanity who sent me to represent truth – “The Time of Biafra Freedom Has Come.”
To be continued

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