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Subsidy: APC owes ex-President Jonathan an apology



ex-President Jonathan tried to rid Nigeria of subsidy

Has the federal government been paying N58.50k as Subsidy per one litre of petrol?

Fact is: federal government will be making N46 profit on each litre of petrol that you and I buy.

Jonathan saw the need to remove the wasteful fuel subsidy from petroleum products in 2012. 

The present day clique in power mobilized Nigerians and (‪#‎occupynigeria‬). 

Days running into more than a week, the country was made ungovernable for the then president. 

In 2015, Jonathan again in the light of falling oil prices reduced the price from N97 to N87. 

Apostles of change went to town and casted aspersions on the administration. 

Some emergency econo-mathematicians even calculated in their own untested mathematical models that fuel ought not to cost more than N40/litre. 

Ask loud mouth, attention seeking Tam David West!

With the reality of their folly finally dawning on them just a year into the administration that should take us to paradise, the fuel is now N145/litre. 

This is happening at a time the Minister of States for petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu said even in the town hall meeting held in Kaduna just yesterday here that the 3 refineries have started producing.

If APC is a sincere party, they ought to go cap in hand to apologise to Jonathan that they insulted him for nothing.

The alternative to the above is for the same organizers of #occupynigeria to declare a nationwide strike action. 

I will love to see all the musicians that performed at the Gani Fawehinmi garden at Ojota come and perform free and throw all the insults at PMB showing how clueless he is and in fact that he should resign. 

APC should also organize pure water satchets to the protesters just to assure them a clueless government who do not love them is behind their suffering.

Nigeria we hail thee!

Lere Olayinka

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