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A Subtle Warning To Ohanaeze Ndigbo ~ By Clifford Iroanya

This is a subtle warning to Ohanaeze Ndigbo to refrain from goading Igbos into accepting the disputed and rejected 1999 fraudulent Fulani Constitution of Nigeria.

In the final week before the much-publicized and highly controversial Southeast Nigeria Summit convened by the Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Awka on May 21, 2018, it is proper that leadership of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) has raised a memorandum to encapsulate the essence of the Igbo leadership gathering.

It is no secret that there is a cadre of Igbo elite corps that is infected by the Sokoto Caliphate virus who would endeavor to leave no stone unturned in the defense and preservation of the universally despised and rejected status quo.

The LNC memo asserts that the incumbent Ohanaeze leadership had attempted to hoodwink Ndigbo into adopting a stance that clearly contravenes well-known Igbo strategic interests.

It is hoped that this revelation shall alert all stakeholders to pay close attention to the summit being convened at Awka next week to assure that the true wishes of the Igbo majority prevail at end of the day.

Before now, the Igbo intelligentsia among the professional, business and political elite corps had met severally to deliberate over the future options for Ndigbo with regards to the fast deterioration situation in today’s Nigeria.

The Great Igbo Debate convened online by the IgboWhoIsWho and live at Southern Texas University, Houston, Texas in February 2017 as well as the well-attended World Igbo Summit at Gregory University, Uturu (GUU), Abia state in October 2016 uniformly rejected sustenance of the status quo in all its ramifications.

The Uturu Communique specifically rejected the imposed 1999 Constitution as the legal framework for the governance of a united Nigeria.

The Igbo elite corps who currently wield the reigns of official power in the status quo, at the state and national levels, have continued to conduct themselves in contravention to the popular demands of Ndigbo worldwide.

Things have continued to deteriorate further due to the intransigence of the Sokoto Caliphate-led unitary government in Abuja.

The well-schemed and implemented security operations spearheaded by a collusion of the Nigerian Army, Police and the privately-operated terrorist Fulani herdsmen militia has been raining murder and ethnic cleansing in the Middle Belt and elsewhere in the South unchecked.

The April 27, 2015 Solemn Assembly by indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger in Port Harcourt and the September 7, 2017 Yoruba Summit in Ibadan rejected the fraudulent 1999 Constitution and warned about the resolve to leave unitary Nigeria until true federal federalism is restored before the next general elections cycle.

The Middle Belters have now got their epiphany hence their resolve to join the rest to protect themselves from the murderous & Islamization agenda of the Caliphate ruling cabal.

There are, therefore, no other options left for the imminent Ohanaeze-convened Southeast Summit than to read the handwriting on the wall and to do the needful.”

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