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Sunday Peter: The lawmaker with progressive achievements in Adamawa state – By Tom Garba


Across Nigeria there are unsung heroes and heroines whose selfless actions have saved lives. Some are stories of intelligent performance and never give up spirit to safe humanity, while others are politicians, dedicated their life to serve the electorates,they are becoming servants with shining examples to inspire and motivate the heroes of tomorrow.

The heroic story of Hon.Sunday Peter who is generally known and refer to as “DS”, it is a Man with salient great achievements as a lawmaker representing Guyuk in the Adamawa state House of Assembly (ADHA). His ideology in life is ” be good to all you see and take it an opportunity to help (support) people not minding either you know them or not”. A gentleman,down to earth per excellence, this Young lawmaker has many unsung testimony of achievements in less than two years of his stewardship serving the people of Guyuk Constituency.

His progressive ideals over the last years has endeared him closer to his constituents and indeed earmarked him for bigger challenges in the socio-political circles of Adamawa state and Nigeria as a democracy practicing nation.

His electorates on their part now singing the songs of thanks not regretting voting this silence achiever, as must of the promises made to them were swiftly implemented. They had believed that miracles would be achieved sooner than later and it is indeed a reality.

To the people of Guyuk the change mantra must be seen to be practically entrenched on their socio-economic wellbeing, if Sunday will maintain the tempo of what is doing. Most of his Kings men sees him as a Nigerian Politician who had no habitually become the swindler, liar and scammer, they regarded him as a man that is not politically deceit, treachery and betrayal of confidence reposed in him by them.

To them having Peter on board is making the change slogan appeared convincing enough to make them vouch for the unforeseen,even though the typical politician had not changed his usual antics but Sunday is one of his kind,a new breeds politician with a huge different to earn a good name in the world of politics.


1. The likes of Hon. Sunday whose idea of representation is to be closer to his electorates,the in-house politics he played earned him the Deputy Speaker (DS) and the most youngest Lawmaker with a high sense of judgement to legislative matters. His words speaks volumes to maturity, his views and contributions are cooked well for meaningful development if well harness. His opinions are undiscarded  because they are coming from pools of divine wisdom.

2.Sunday is Chairing House Committee on Budget and Appropriation, a committee that can only be given to a trusted and a reliably lawmaker.

3.His oratory,his eloquence in bisecting and dissecting the issues of the house,his vast knowledge in legislative matters the House unanimously asked him to chair House Committee on Information,  SDGs and PAWACO.

4.Co chairing a House committee on Mineral Resources.

5 A Vice – Chairman to House Selection Committee.

6.A Member to many House Committee like Public accounts.

7.House Committee on Security, Public Services and Election Matters.

8.Chairman Adhoc committee on Non Payment of Salaries for PHCDA, LGEA and Local government Workers.


Hon.Peter Sunday is probably now a lawmaker with the highest bills in the present Seven Assembly of Adamawa state, having pilled up of Bills in his archives that will soon be  processed  into becoming laws that will benefit the entire people in the state.

Popular among them are:

1. A bill for a law to establish the Adamawa state fire service and provide for matters incidental thereto.

2.A bill for a law to establishes the Adamawa state socio-economic agency, to train and build up the vocational capacity youth, Women and the vulnerable groups in the society geared toward value reorientation and enhance the micro economy development of the state and to provide For matters incidental thereto.

3.A law to establishes the Adamawa state registration of traders associations and other matter connected to.

4. A bill for a law to provide the participations of the provide sector in the financing, construction, development, operations, or maintainence of infrastructure or developmental projects of government, through commission or contractual arrangements. The establishment of the institutions to regulate, monitor and supervise the implementations of projects agreements of infrastructure or developmental projects and for matters connected thereto.

5.A bill for a law to establishes the Adamawa state mining company to regulate and enhance mining activities in the state and to provide matters incidental thereto.

6.A bill for a law to amend the Adamawa state house of assembly commissions LA.NO7 of 2012,so as to prescribe the procedure  for the appointment of the chairman, Vice chairman, and members of the commission,clerk and deputy clerk of the state House and matters incidental thereto.

7.A bill for a law to establishes Adamawa state neighborhood watch committee to help the Police protect live and property of the citizens and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

8.A bill for law to provide for establishment of the Adamawa state indigenes with disability right commission and for matters incidental thereto.

9. A bill for a law to amend the Adamawa state Religion welfare commission law NO7 of 2014,so as to change the status of the board members and to provide the matters incidental thereto.

10.Adamawa State public private partnerships bill.

11. A bill for a law to make provisions for the establishment of compulsory reserve funds for the state to save certain part of the earnings of the state for use in times of emergency and for matters incidental thereto.


Though his Primary assignment is to make and implement laws (Bills), to checkmate excesses in the act of Governance by the Executive, but being  a naturally gifted man in giving he always go beyond his call as a lawmaker. His first point of call to his constituency is to execute the following:

1. Being a lover of Education he processed and facilitate the payment of SSCE WAEC exams to many students.

2. Feeling the pains of how people pass through before they can get water,which most atimes is not even portable for domestics use, he vowed to make his constituency access to portable drinking water by drilling industrial and many hand pump  boreholes in every Ward of the LGA.

4.He had ensured the employment slots for the educated and employable segment of his constituents. Most of them are scattered across the state.


1. Being a Young growing politician and a big pillar of politics in Guyuk LGA,Peter out of wisdom has become one of the deciding individuals in his constituency and the state at large.

2. He actively played a key role in  the last  Local Government elections in the entire state, he wisely supported a salable candidate who is people candidate in Guyuk LGA.

3.His aim is to support the Government of Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow led administration, with his  Meaningful Bills that will move the state forward in terms of Human and Physical Development.

Having a penchant orientation to education and politics, he ventured into politics as a grassroot mobilizer during the Nyako regime, a position that tested his capabilities and faithfulness, today he rode to became Deputy Speaker as a lawmaker representing Guyuk Constituency.

His attitude as a giver,a helper of Man kind that his electorates spotted him as a golden fish that cannot hide at the midst of many waters to represent them in the Adamawa state House of Assembly, the Job he counts it a privilege to serve them.

To his electoral value, Hon.Peter had largely fulfilled his social contract with his constituents far beyond his targets within this these years of his service. In areas of education, health, and portable water, the achievements are eloquently vast across his constituency

To Hon.Sunday Peter is a message of hold on you have not yet seen other side of me. Expects more from me in two  years to come,I’m pregnant with a lot of good tidings to my people. Tidings of change the life of many through my sponsored bills and many of my bills being process to law.


His indelible mark of trust and confidence in achieving a lot within the span of two years has made him to earned reliance confidence by the Executive committee of the All Progressives Congress party. (APC) of Guyuk Local Government. Of recent the entire governing council of the Local Government made up of 20 members, 10 wards chairmen officially wrote a letter reposing a “vote of confidences” on him basing their reasons that the eloquent and erudite Leader is excellently representing the constituency well in a manner that is never been done before.

In the letter signed by the chairman of the party, Alhaji Yaya Bodai stating one of their other reason is the high level of transparency style leadership Sunday is exhibiting to the people of Guyuk. This character is holding him the most reliable and available lawmaker with an impeccable listening ear.

The letter reiterated that Sunday is a servant leader whose selfless service to humanity is distinguishing him to be a politician with an assurance of better performance if he can be entrusted with a higher responsible. His feats and wits backing the honourable house as the number two person is holding onto party supremacy and democracy tenets.

The vote of confidence reposed on Peter is no doubt a pointer endorsing him for a second term in 2019,wanting him to contest again to continue the purposeful  and meaningful of developmental bills he has enacted.

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