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Super cop or cop for hire? — By Moses Ochonu


It turns out that the so-called Super Cop, DCP Abba Kyari, who is actually a photo cop, a showy policeman known more for his photo ops and vainglorious PR stunts than for his investigative exploits, is an excellent pretender.

The man already stands accused of appropriating for himself multimillion Naira properties of crime suspects, but now we know from FBI and US Justice Department charge sheet/report that Kyari collected a juicy sum in US dollars from jailed fraudster, Hushpuppi (Ramon Abbas), to arrest and detain Hushpuppi’s criminal associate who ruined one of their deals when he fell out with Hushpuppi and ratted him out to his victim.

In Nigeria, things are not always as they appear, and there is too much packaging. Some of those who perform probity and competence on the national stage are often the most corrupt. The performance is intended to mask and compensate for their shady dealings.

This is just from Hushpuppi o. Who knows how much Kyari’s friends MC Oluomo and Obi Cubana have given the so-called super cop.

Who knows if he’s on the take of other fraudsters in the mold of Abbas and if so how much each fraudster advanced him as protection and fixer fee.

They retained and vigorously defended defended a terrorism proponent and preacher, even saddling the terrorism-tarnished minister with more sensitive responsibilities. Let’s see what they will do with and to Kyari.

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