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Supporting Gov Udom Emmanuel: A Rebellion or Betrayal?

By Umani Uwemedimo


In the early hours of Tuesday 4th September 2018, someone I held in high esteem called my line. I speculated he was calling to confer the pact we had about a job at Port Harcourt, but while the conversation lasted, I got ashamed that for about an hour plus, he was unable to utter a positive word other than spitting tribal sequestration. I was highly disconcerted at him.

Few days later I had another caller. Little fraction ( about 10%) of the time on the call was liquidated on juicy negotiation, 50% of the time was allocated to tribal proposition, while the remaining 40% was dispensed to threats. One thing I discovered was that they allocated diminutive or no time on convincing heart-to-heart conversations that would trigger sane people into drifting to their fold. Also, they allocated more of their time and resources trying to incite tribal division among our kindreds, and to create in both supporters the fear of being declared wanted by security personnels. They believed with their billions, Police Force and Federal Might, they would do the impossible. This was where human beings were playing God. In this case, their failure was inevitable.

Akpabio days after his defection was enjoying his honeymoon with his new found love APC: no tantrum was thrown at him, no criticism of any kind. Infact, everyone had hoped and prayed he could return as a Senator in peace under the witchcraft, sorry broom platform, but all those dreams were thwarted the day the blood of the innocent souls who were blatantly and recklessly massacred during his watch as governor of the State came hunting and dancing skelewu at him. This caused him madness and till date, he’s still swimming in the pool of those bloods which therefore means his madness is constant.

It’s on record that Akpabio soon after his defection to the witchcraft platform had paid people to lampoon Gov. Udom Emmanuel and his Government on daily basis. It was so unfair that every hour of the day, what you read on different social media platforms were blackmails against Gov. Udom Emmanuel but yet, this is a governor whose performance has overshadowed that of the Akpabio’s dispensation. This is the same Government where no life is sacrificed on the altar of selfish interest, no politically motivated assassination and kidnapping. How does he, Akpabio want to be told that Udom Government has surpassed his own?

The moment we adjudged to call Akpabio and his cohorts to order was the moment some of us were tagged ” sycophants”, some even said majority of us were not from Annang. That means the only avenue we would have proven our origin as Annang people was to join Akpabio in pasquinading Gov Udom Emmanuel. That means Akpabio and his APC sheep rearers were fighting a tribal war in Akwa Ibom State.

They believed Akpabio was fighting an Annang course, so anyone from Annang seen supporting Gov. Udom Emmanuel and PDP was a rebel and anti-Annang. If supporting what posterity would always recognize me for good is considered as being rebellious, then I want to be a rebel till death. According to them, this is what standing against Akpabio means.

Akpabio before the general elections did not only insult the sensitivity of the entire Annang land, but also, he had insulted the same God who watched over him, clothed and provided for him in times of his adversities fifty five years ago. Is this what was expected of us, to join in insulting God? There was no way we could have ventured into that lane of self inflicted madness with Akpabio. Courtesy of effective education, exposure and Biblical teachings, we’re always able to dictate that which is right and that which is wrong.

Before Akpabio went and knelt with his head on the floor, begging President Buhari for the Senate Presidency seat after Senator Saraki had defected to PDP, who in Annang did he consult?

Before Akpabio turned himself into an errand boy for Tinubu, washing his cars and buying him fuel for three days, who in Annang did he tell?

When he nurtured the satanic feeling of unseating Gov. Udom Emmanuel while he was still in PDP, who in Annang did he consult?

Akpabio was a wrong choice to be followed. His fight did not portray any Annang course, but all it portrayed was a selfish and lost fight. So, if always supporting the truth means rebelliousness, then some of us from Annang who are supporting this course will remain a rebel till eternity. Against all odds, we’ll never regret our actions and choice of fellowship.

I am Umani Uwemedimo,

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