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Supreme Court Judgement on Bayelsa: Lesson for all. By Ibrahim Lawal

Supreme Court Judgement on Bayelsa: Lesson for all.
By Ibrahim Lawal.

When I first got the news about the Supreme Court decision that Lyon is no longer the Governor elect of Bayelsa State, I wished it away as one of those fake news on social media. The reality however dawn on me when I read the news from a credible source.

Contrary to the general belief that the Deputy Governor elect was removed because of certificate forgery, the issue was that he used different names in all the certificates submitted to INEC for his nomination. The issue was not whether he actually possessed the certificates or not but that the name was slightly different from one another.

There are recent trend in Yoruba land which is common among Christian’s and Muslims. The attitude of changing not only ones name but also the surname. Names like Sangodoyin now changed to Jesudoyin. Infact it is common among born agains that they may not have anything to do with their surname or their real name. Even in Islam, some people having had Rasaki as their name in WAEC certificate will change to Abd Razak having become aware of their religion. Fausa will become Fawziyah and so on and so forth.

It is therefore desirable that if we change our name for whatever reason, we must do the necessary things to make it authentic. A case in point is what happened to the removed Bayelsa State Deputy Governor elect.

May we not be found wanting on the day of joy. Amin.

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