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Supreme Court Non-Decision: The End Of Days

By Emmanuel Ogebe


Congrats to Tanko on the Tankyou gift to Buhari.  We did not expect to be disappointed by the judgment but some how they managed to disappoint the non-disappointment! What the Supreme Court of Tanko did was deliver a verdict not a judgment. A verdict is “yes” or “no.” A judgment is “this is how we arrive at yes or no.”

It is certainly within the right and power of the Supreme Court to pronounce a verdict and reserve its reasons for later. However this is about an election in which millions of Nigerians voted, which defines our democracy and determines our future – whether we are progressing or regressing. The nonchalant attitude to an issue of paramount national interest displays an unbelievable lack of emotional intelligence, national sensitivity and global awareness. In the US, the Congress has begun an impeachment hearing against a president for a misguided phone call targeting a former Vice President and political rival. In the UK, the courts have ruled that the Prime Minister abused his powers in obtaining leave from the Queen to suspend the parliament but in Nigeria there was no discernible effort at a pretense of an attempt at adjudication – not even a just one or the appearance of one. It seems that the president doesn’t watch television during his frequent extended medical tourism to the UK possibly because he surrounds himself with his nepotistic clan of mediocres who simply celebrate the emperor’s invisible golden robes.

As it stands, Nigerians do not know whether the court applied sharia law, Kanuri law or Fulani law in arriving at its “answer” and not a “decision.”

The first Chief Judge in Nigeria’s history to display a sub pedestrian level of intellectual acuity should have displayed vigor and dexterity that indeed he has the gravitas to head the apex court rather than miss a date with history. It was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s husband who is credited with saying, “it is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and then remove all doubt.”

When we warned early in the year that the kangaroo trial and deposition of Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen was a grand plot to subjugate the judiciary and further the northernization agenda on all fronts, civil society, the bar and the senate failed to take the bull by the horns. Even Vice President Osinbajo the last southern non-Muslim in the  highest echelon of our government has been demoted as acting president while the president junketed from USA to Japan to South Africa and to Russian then Saudi Arabia and then UK just since last month.

Osinbajo was further defanged from relevance with the composition of an economic council without him in violation of the constitution and the removal of humanitarian portfolio from him to Gen. Buhari’s alleged consort.

At the rate we are going, INEC could possibly announce results without elections in 2023.

The question that should agitate the minds of Nigerians is – if they could do this to Atiku a fellow Fulani albeit a more urban and national statesman, what hope is there for a non-northerner in our nation?

People have claimed that Buhari is a reformed dictator. I beg to differ. He is a refined coupist. He has overthrown all systems and institutions under the guise of democracy but we can now clearly see it is the voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau.

The deconstruction of our democracy is complete. Buhari has now Brexited Nigeria out of the company of democratic and progressive countries.

Even his own household is in chaos. The good book says “there is a time when a man rules over others to his own hurt.”

May God in his mercy deliver us from all evil.

Emmanuel Ogebe ESQ
Washington USA

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