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Suspected herdsmen sack 3 Ebonyi villages, kill & stuff dead bodies inside well [video]

Some persons suspected to be Fulani herdsmen have attacked three villages in Ebonyi State, killing and beheading their victims.

This was revealed in a video footage posted online by one Barrister Amechi Beluolisa.

According to a voice over of the man capturing the scenario, the assailants stuffed the dead bodies inside a well after murdering them.

Barrister Beluolisa, in the video, pointed out that the place of the crime is Ebonyi State due to the dialect of the Igbo-speaking video man.

He wrote: “From the audio, the language is Ebonyi dialect of Igbo. If I am right, this is South East.

“He is saying that unknown people did this, sacked many villages and threw goats and human bodies into Wells.”

Watch video here.

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