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Symbol of military flag of authority raised by BNG


By the dawn of 30th May 2021; we saw a military flag inscribed Biafra rising sun and written the state of Biafra hoisted in all the states of Southsouth and Southeast.

The flag came to be few days after BNG promised military flag of authority would be hoisted. By evening of that same day; Nigerian soldiers were shooting down the flags and lowering it.


However; in some states, the flags are still billowing in the wind till now. The flag is raw, with pride and glory. The first time a military flag has ever been hoisted in Biafra since 1970 it was lowered.

The flag seen everywhere is the state military flag of Biafra; remember, Biafra existed for three years as an independent nation but lost her sovereignty after 30 months war. For the first time; a military flag of authority was hoisted.

There is anticipation but not in the absence of doubt. The Biafra of this era has fraudulent connotations and as such, our first impression of any action is fraud. The flag was hoisted by BNG; the military wing of Biafra agitation- an institution that is entirely different from what we have had or seen before.

BNG is not a civilian organization like IPOB, BNC, LNC, BIM-MASSOB, MASSOB, BNYL etcetera. BNG is exclusively the military of the state of Biafra and they have maintained a classified status. Without a noise or public demand for funds; BNG has shown shrewd military courage and determination.

When BNG announced that a military flag will be hoisted across Biafra land; it was seen as part of the propaganda that has destroyed the struggle- aimed at scaring people to stay at home but it proved to be wrong. Flag was hoisted and this made BNG integrity-concerned institution. If for nothing; we must start to give ears to an institution that honours its words.

The flag was termed ‘military flag of authority’ by virtue of the press release that preceded the hoisting. In this case; it is clear BNG hoisted the military flag to announce their incoming authority over the lands of Biafra. When a military raises a flag of authority; it passes a clear message of territorial declaration- an act that goes before arms.

Another symbol of the flag is an announcement of a build up to military action; most times, military passes a message without words and BNG may have applied that idea. By virtue of the flag; the people are expected to start getting ready. BNG is applying a sophisticated military morality and discipline towards civilians and being professional to the enemies alike.

To avoid civilians being caught off or caught up in an undesired geographical area; raising of military flag of authority is to clear the path and give time for due evacuation or positioning before any military action and by so doing; showing professional respect to enemies to know that a flag is about or to be defended.

BNG is an institution that has track record of implementation and action; it would be detrimental to neglect the act of hoisting a military flag or consider it one of those propagandas that have overshadowed the agitation for the restoration of Biafra.

While we wait for the outcome; it is pertinent we also prepare and catch the black goat even though dusk will not come again.

Ifeanyi chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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