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Tariff Increase: Group Threatens to Embark on Protest


All Electricity Consumers Protection Forum has threatened to embark on protest if the Nigerian Electrical Regulatory Commission (NERC) increase Electricity tariff.

The group in a statement signed by its National Coordinator Bar. Adeola Samuel Ilori, said that the 79% increase will not be acceptable because last tariff increase was done in 2016.

He explained that when the increase was done it was stated that the electricity tariff increase Will be in every ten years instead of every five years .

The Union said, “The feeble denial of NERC on their website of an existing intention to increase Electricity tariff won’t deter us from the action we have highlighted for ourselves at all *Electricity Consumers Protection Forum*.

” We won’t let us be caught off guard as it’s obvious the post made at the stakeholders electricity forum which house the like of minister of power, all MDs of DISCOs , NERC chairman among others today by me must have engineered such denial.

” We will engage them through letter and let them know why such increase is not feasible and possible this year, we will remind them what MYTO review exercise stipulates, if they feign ignorance and we will also let them know that section 59 of 1999 constitution is not ambiguous as to who can approve increase in tax and tariff.

“The MYTO review is 5 years and the last major review was *Feb 3. 2016* which was dubbed cost reflective tarrif by Fáṣọlá the then. Minister. It will interest the present NERC that the then minister said, this review will be 10 years instead of 5 years stipulated and in just 4 years of the last major review you are toying with another 79% increase.

“Many consumers still buy transformers and line materials, your new MAP scheme is not holistically implemented by the DISCOs while a DISCO like Abuja electric go the whole hugs, Ikeja and others in Lagos and Ogun are paying lip service to it.

“Many have even paid among consumers yet they have not been metered after 2 months*. Instead for NERC to concentrate on that and see their policies obeyed and implement, they are busy ready to satisfy the hunger of the bujure in the industry and prove to our imagination that they are only here to rubber stamp any oppressive move of the hegemonies in the power sector.

“It’s obvious NERC and DISCOs won’t want to see the mother of all mobilized rally and protest. 10000 of Nigeria police and SSS won’t be able to stop it. Let the NERC be aware that we will not accept any policy in favor of DISCOs to the detriments and neglect of the consumers section 32 of power sector reform act 2005 stated clearly the role of NERC among the stakeholders without fear or favour. I rest my case.”

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