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Teasing us with Biafra restoration-Nnamdi Kanu’s announcement ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


I am yet to know what will make me tune in to Nnamdi Kanu’s radio and listen to his recycled sermon; what he said since he betrayed Biafra is what he is saying today, and any attempt to say a new thing, he disgraces himself in the process. I have listened to him a time I am supposed to listen and there is time for everything; time to listen or talk and time to act. It got to the time to act; the coward tucked his tail between his legs and continued barking like Ekuke (Untrained village dog).

Recently; in a bit to broadcast a new thing; he said that he announced that Biafra will come this year 2020 only because he wanted to tease us and that his announcement has uncovered real saboteurs- referring to those who took him serious during the broadcast but got disappointed because there was virtually nothing to show that Biafra will be a sovereign state under him now, tomorrow and forever.

The worrying aspect of the whole thing is how Nnamdi Kanu seems to live without shame or is his pretence one of a kind? You announced to your members few months ago that you have a special broadcast for them, they all gathered and you swore to the name Elohim that Biafra shall be restored this year. You went further swearing that there is nothing that can change your resolve and everything is in place to ensure 2020 becomes the year of freedom.

Few months later; you assembled your members again and told them you made the announcement to tease them, that with the announcement you have seen their real colors.

The big question remains- is it not yet time to tell us that floating IPOB and exploiting the people of Biafra was simply to tease Nigerian government and not really to restore any Biafra? Is it not yet time to apologize to all that died under you because your Biafra is about teasing us all? Is it not yet time to meet families of all that died under you and apologize that you were only teasing us and that your are sorry they took you serious?

That announcement that Biafra will be restored this year triggered Biafran youths, boosted their morale to stand and took the bullet. They stood and gave up their lives believing this 2020 is the year or nothing. After all they went through; the sacrifice, the ultimate price, the emotional trauma, the pain and the tears, you came on your propaganda radio to announce you were only teasing us.

What possibly could cause a man to tease 3.5 million souls, what could push a man to tease the hurt our people faced upon Biafra, what could push a man to tease those mothers raped to death, what could push a man to tease children starved to death, what could push a man to tease the efforts of many men that went up in flames? Nnamdi Kanu is joking with Biafra and little did he know he is joking with his life.

This traitor lost his father and mother at the same time; it did not pass a deterring message to him, he rather chose to continue exploiting innocent people when it is clear he had nothing to offer. This guy found it so common to joke with Biafra; he doesn’t fear, he has no respect for God, when 3.5 million souls are mentioned, he doesn’t shake, and he can tease and play with Biafra.

He teased them with dragon flag and people are dying; does he sleep in the night? This heartless fellow knew he is teasing them with dragon flag, and he is aware people are dying and his conscience did not question him? This must be a man lost to his quest for relevance; quest to keep the money flowing, quest to remain famous and quest to avoid shame. The end is nigh and he would wish he was never born, let alone to tease with Biafra restoration.

God is a living God and He is the God of the people of Biafra; evil has taken over, deceit has taken over but there is time appointed for that which shall be. Biafra is our inheritance and never shall we let a teaser and sex maniac destroy our inheritance.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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