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Tell Osinbajo Herdsmen, Kidnappers Are In Bush Not Highways

By Alex Obi-Osuala


It sounds funny to read that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo promised Pa Fasoranti that the Federal Government will deploy soldiers to patrol the Highways to curtail the menace of the terrorist Herdsmen/kidnappers.

This approach to me is dead on arrival. It is unworkable because the terrorist herdsmen are not stationed on highways; they operate from the bushes, they only use highways as attacking flashpoints.

One can imagine the number of soldiers that will be deployed to most highways in Nigeria, against terrorists that operate in the bush through a guerrilla method.

Secondly, the Nigeria army is already stretched in the war with Boko Haram, and may not have enough personnel to deploy at major highways across the country.

It equally beats my imagination how Osinbajo will expect the soldiers to pursue an identified terrorist in the bush where they are the master of the terrain. It’s like telling the soldiers to apprehend or disarm the Niger Delta fighters in the creeks.

The Vice President promise only goes to reveal that the government is yet to fashion out a workable approach towards arresting the situation.

Very unfortunate after so many deaths, tortures and displacement of innocent citizens from their homes by this deadly group, the government still has not articulated a comprehensive approach towards nipping this social menace in the bud. They are still handicapped.


I make bold to suggest that the Panacea towards completely solving the Herdsmen menace in Nigeria if we are serious would be through a well-coordinated vigilante method.

Arm the vigilantes like the OPC, Bakassi Boys, etc and unleash them into the bush. These vigilantes will be made of the locals that understand the terrain, the flashpoint and the operational base of these bloodthirsty herdsmen kidnappers. They will annihilate them.

Any other approach to the contrary will not be very effective at this point.

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