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Tension in Abuja as woman dies from suspected Covid19


There is palpable tension in Kubwa, a satellite town of Abuja, as a woman died from a suspected Covid19 case.

The case was reported by a resident, Ms. Ejim Happiness on her Twitter handle @HappinessEjim.

The posted, who tagged the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), said that about three weeks ago, she called to report that her neighbor who got back from London and was not self-isolating.

According to Ms. Happiness, NCDC promised to come to pick them up but never showed up.

“Well she is dead. I hope you come now,” she tweeted.

Tweeting further, she said: “She was taken to the hospital about five days ago and she died in the hospital.

“I really am unable to process everything happening right now; I have thought about everything there is to think about and in the sincerity of my heart I pray that everything will just be fine.

“Kubwa, Abuja, is the location for those asking.”

Presently, there are fears that the deceased, who refused to self isolate. has probably infested a couple more persons thereby increasing possible chain of infection.

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