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Terrorism: Arrest of Salami Abdullahi and perpetual silence of Igala elites


Indeed this world is a small place and no one is an island, we all need each other to survive either you belong to the class of Proletariat or Bourgeoisie. 

It’s pertinent to say it here that Igala Nation are gradually fading out in the scheme of things in Nigeria and it’s not devoid of fear, envy, hatred and selfishness. 

Alhaji Salami Abdullahi (ASTA) was arrested on the 26th October, 2013 from his Anyigba resident over the allegation associated with terrorism, yet for over two years no any substantial evidence was found against this innocent man of proven integrity.

Alhaji Salami is from a humble background and hard-working with determination which has taken him to the peak of his carrier. The following questions are begging for an answer:

Where are the Igala Elites?

Where are the Traditional Rulers?

Where are his contemporaries/ associate?

Where are the Igala people in position of Authorities?

What have been their efforts over the unlawful arrest and detention of Alhaji Salami?

How long must we fold our hands out of jealousy, fear and intimidation to allow injustice and anarchy to reign supreme on Igala Nation?

Where are the friends of Mr President (President Mohammadu Buhari) from the eastern flank of the state, this is the right time we needed them most after all we delivered the entire Igalaland for him during the Presidential Election. 

Our brother is not a terrorist; what we need is proper and effective judicial system to speed up the processes. The arrest of Alhaji Salami (ASTA) has thrown over hundred families into abject poverty in Igalaland.

Imaging the families of all the heavy-duty drivers, that of the staff of ASTA NIG LIMITED, talk of the Pump attendants, the casual staff’s, the sales agent’s, Depot representatives and even his immediate and extended family, friends and numerous dependents were frustrated and devastated as a result of this inhumane attitude of those that dictates who gets what, when and how on their principal.

It’s unfortunate at this time that Igala people lack unity of purposes that all these problems are plaguing us the more.

Some of us that share in his pains and bitterness are voiceless but our prayers never departed from him and we are very optimistic with the saying that, “No evil deed can go unpunished, any evil done by man to man shall be redress, if not now certainly later, either by man or God, for the victory of evil over good can only be temporary.’’ – Dele Giwa (Blessed memory)

This is another avenue for all and sundry of Igala extraction to brings our heads together for a common front, we should devoid our characters from ego, enslavement and unnecessary attractions over what we don’t have to pleases the people we don’t need. 

Let’s walk the walk and talk the talk after all no one knows tomorrow; either yourself or your loved ones might suffered similar fate of what Alhaji Salami is suffering today.

Take this as a clarion call and lend your voice to ‪#‎bringsbackAlhajiSalamiAbdullahiASTA‬

Odoma Suleman

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