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Thank You Anambra youths, We are Safe ~ By Ogbuefi Harris Chuma-Odili 


Unequivocally, I wish to thank and appreciate the Government and good people of Anambra for aggregating in one accord to restore peace and order after the direct attack on our statehood, the mayhem of last week which saw hoodlums attack law enforcement agents and citizens.

As can be witnessed across the state all Markets as well as private and public offices have bounced back to life. The once deserted streets and major roads have come alive with beehive of activities as commercial vehicles have resumed operations, enjoying good patronage. Entertainment hotspots, hotels, drinking bars and Ogbono businesses have resumed earnestly. Presently, choice guest houses in Awka are witnessing massive Ogbono parades, and we are happy.

I wish to especially thank the discerning youths of Anambra for rising to the occassion, and quickly reclaiming the state as the hoodlums who were out to destroy our beloved state have been chased outta town. Ndi Anambra are resilient people,industrious, and blessed. We are peace loving people,godly and above all accommodating.

No doubt, our able youths have convincingly demonstrated their confidence in the astute leadership skill of Gov. Obiano as they stood with him all through the trail times. Never again would we as a people allow strangers, aliens, and enemies of the state to visit our darlyn state with so much impunity, unchallenged.

It is sad to note that critical infrastructures built with tax payers money have been destroyed by the hoodlums who were imported into the state to wreck havoc, and carry out wanton destruction of lives and properties.

Sincerely, I’m greatly satisfied and pleased with my governor, and wishes to use this medium to acknowledge and appreciate Gov Willie Obiano for his strategic management of the crisis, his responsive approach to the daunting challenges we faced over the past week. Thank you for your resilience, and timely interventions, and successfully arresting the ugly event.

Quite looking forward to the outcome of the Judicial panel of inquiries set up by your administration to look into the gross human rights abuse and police brutality ndi Anambra and other citizens suffered during the dark days of SARs.

Umunnem, as we impatiently wait for the recommendations that will be delivered by the Judicial Panel of inquiries, may the good Lord grant us peace, and restore fully the glory of our land.

I Love Anambra, Land of my birth!


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