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That crap called a rerun in Rivers State – by Paul John


I think at this juncture, the ruling APC government should come out and define the corruption they said they are fighting. 

This is very important because what happened in some parts of Rivers state on December 10, 2016 is to say the least very unfortunate and embarrassing. 

To me, the bedrock of corruption is electoral fraud. Who knows in their own definition, being in opposition to the ruling party may also be corruption. 

Voting in a candidate not liked by the ruling party may also be corruption. When our political leaders know that power belongs to the people, they will sit up immediately. 

There is basically no moral justification for still keeping the likes of Nnamdi Kanu, Sambo Dasuki and others behind bar if what happened in some parts of Rivers state during the rerun could still happen in this 21st century, in the world’ most populous black nation.

What is the essence of sending platoons of security agents to Rivers state before the election as if there was an external aggression? 

I am aware that there might be few lapses in the elections conducted during the PDP era, but I am also aware that CHANGE means that there would be improvements and turnaround in the way things used to be done. 

What we saw in Rivers state shows that this change is indeed a backward change. 

In Abonema, there were about 600 security men in one unit but the tension could not allow election to be held. Why? 

The forces against rigging were more than those for rigging. That is a big shame to the so-called anti-corruption fighters, who to me are for personal vendetta. 

Accredited reporters from different polling units in the state where calling in live, to report on 99.1 fm station, Port Harcourt with respect to what was going on in different parts of the state. 

Individuals equally called in to report their challenges. 

In most polling units in Khana local government area, voters called, that there was no voting taking place anywhere.

What is the moral justification of imposing a candidate on the people? 

When has it been mandatory that one particular candidate must represent a particular set of people? 

If we can easily rush to congratulate Ghana and pledge to work with the opposition candidate that just won their presidential election, why is it then difficult in this part of the world to allow the opposition thrive? 

If it is not arresting members of the opposition political parties over trumped up corruption charges and running them down on the pages of newspapers, it will be refusing to release them when a court of competent jurisdiction grants them bail. 

Thereafter, another charge will be brought against same accused person, all in a bid to ensure that the person remains permanently in custody. 

Jonathan said his political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerians but now, the blood of baboons will be soaked in blood if a chosen candidate does not win.

Despite all the intimidations from security agents in some parts of the state, the good people of the state have risen against the imposition of any candidate on them. 

They are doing so with the last drop of their blood. The few places where ballot boxes were snatched in the presence of security agents, the INEC officials were notified. 

Withdrawing the chief security officer to the governor few days to the rerun will still not deter His Excellency in ensuring that rights of the people he governs are protected .

If you think your party is popular while not come to the polling units and test your popularity. 

Cowing people into submission will no longer work in the state, no matter the amount of security agents used; Abonema is still a case study. 

Once beaten, they say, twice shy. 

The people can still remember what they passed through during the last administration, the then governor was busy fighting the then president while our Rivers state owned courts were closed down and all the state owned roads were in deplorable states. 

He played to the gallery, becoming a national hero, while the residents of the state were living in hell. 

The roads were so bad that we parked our private cars and started using commercial vehicles.

Governor Wike came in and started rehabilitating and also constructing major state owned roads. 

Our courts were reopened and lawyers that relocated to other neighbouring states had to return to the state. People who feel aggrieved now have a state owned court to run to. 

Having come out of that hell, do they think the people have no memory? 

They want to come here to send us back to where we were coming from so that by tomorrow if it is not an impeachment move against governor Wike, it will be another political battle while the people will bear the brunt of such clash of the political ‘giants’. 

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