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That lawsuit over 2020 Imo PDP congresses: no cause for alarm

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A


There has been this trending news about a lawsuit filed few days ago against Imo PDP by some people, who obviously feel aggrieved about the now absolutely concluded Imo PDP 2020 Congresses.

The lawsuit is subjudice and I won’t subject it to any guise of analysis here for reasons of contempt violations! Imo PDP leaders and members are law-abiding citizens!

While “Trumpeta”, a major Imo-based newspaper had the front page small headline: “Imo PDP Dragged To Court Over Congresses”, another Imo-based major newspaper, “Nigerian Horn”, had a front page biggest story: “Unease Reigns In Imo PDP”! That banner headline had a kicker: “Fallout of Congress”, and a rider: “As Group Wants Court To Sack Ugwu, Others”!

The only truth in all of the above is that there’s actually a lawsuit filed by very few people against Imo PDP over their displeasure and grief with the concluded 2020 Congresses at all levels.

The aggrieved people didn’t drag Imo PDP to court. That’s nothing like that. There’s no need for that. The party is law-abiding and peace-loving. The party would willingly meet its summoners in any court of competent jurisdiction for the setting straight by legal statutes of facts and figures that were probably misunderstood by or confusing to the aggrieved people.

Then, also there’s no fallout, and there’s no unease in Imo PDP following the concluded 2020 Congresses. Nobody fell out with anybody else over the concluded 2020 Congresses. There’s no unease! The summons to court was just received awaiting when the matter would come on September 2.

Wants are like wishes. And as the English say: “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”! Wants and wishes aren’t always granted, but are always made.

Rather than suggest that there’s unease in Imo PDP, the proper report should be that there’s easy calm and peace in the party, in spite of the lawsuit. There’s is actually no cause for alarm; no cause for unease to reign in Imo PDP over the concluded 2020 Congresses, which were rated the freest, fairest, and most credible in the annals of the party in the State.

As a very experienced political party, the PDP believes that taking aggrievements to courts is a civilized decision. It’s always far better than the anarchronistic, primordial recourses to brutish self-help. As they say, jaw-jaw is always much better than war-war!

With the principles of internal politics of a normal political party, there’s this inevitable, almost always likely, situation of the emergence of some aggrieved people, who find reason to pick holes with the process and procedure that played out in competitive party events such as congresses, conventions, primary elections et cetera.

That necessitates the role of reconciliation of those that are amenable to reconciliation. But yet, there are those who are allergic to reconciliation. Such aggrieved people approach the Court to seek interpretations and probable redress to whatever aggrieves them.

That actually is where Imo PDP is at this moment, about one month after the final conclusion of the 2020 congresses that were held in the month of March 2020 at the ward and local government levels, but concluded on August 1, 2020 with the State Congress; which was suspended in March-April 2020 period, in compliance with the order from the National Headquarters that the State Congresses be suspended because of the lockdown orders by the Federal Government, because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our great party has since commenced the reconciliation process for observed, perceived or established aggrieved leaders and members over the 2020 Congresses et cetera, beginning with those in Okigwe Zone.

The reconciliation train will head to Orlu Zone and Owerri Zone in the very near future, where any and all aggrieved leaders and members of the party will also be reconciled back into the fold of the party.

Fortunately, Imo PDP now has a very formidable State Executive Council led by a first class administrator, industrialist and politician, Engr. Charles Ugwuh. He believes in reconciliation to ensure that not one leader or member of the party, as much as possible and convenient, departs from the party for any reason whatsoever.

Actually, Imo PDP is focusing attention and resources on reclaiming Okigwe Senatorial seat in the October 31, 2020 bye-election, which it has concluded that nothing can stop it from accomplishing the set goal.

For example, the party has successfully and peacefully, without unease, concluded the screening of the aspirants for the office of senator representing Imo North Senatorial District in the Senate.

The next stage would be the primary election, which has been officially slated by the National Headquarters for Saturday September 5, 2020. Everything is fitting in well without unease, but calm and peace. Imo PDP is at ease, moving and making progress!

The lawsuit in question has been fixed for hearing on September 2, 2020. Of course, Imo PDP will be in court to hear what the applicants/plaintiffs will table as their grievances and aggrievements.

However, as stated earlier, for its merit as a matter still subjudice, let’s not dig deep into it. We’re law-abiding citizens, who mustn’t fall guilty of contempt of court!

The Igbo adage says: “No talk smells in the mouth”! So, the aggrieved people will tender their grievances and Imo PDP will hear and listen to their petitions and prayers, and then take it from there.

The aim is to achieve the purpose of setting the records straight in very clear language, that will be understandable to all to whom it may concern.

Therefore, to all those who have been getting in touch with calls and text messages, asking questions about the lawsuit, I dedicate this short essay to you all, in the belief that it clarifies and assuages your fears. There’s no cause of alarm. No shaking! Power to the people!!!

By God’s grace Imo State must be rebuilt!

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