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That Song That Got Me Reflecting On His Goodness On Father’s Day – By Peter Obidike

Have you ever being ambushed into a Holy Ghost or Anointing service lately? That has been my lot lately and am better off for it. First was that last visiting day service I told you about, without my remembering it was Pentecost until the announcement by the ministering priest. However before the announcement, I had already felt it. I am sure you know how it feels! I just can’t explain it but it just feels that way. So it was at last Sunday’s service. Again, it felt same way, far before the ministering pastor announced it was an Anointing service.

For me, service starts with praise and worship and this time, the song ringing out from the choir stand knocked me off my feet. I arose in Worship to the theme song “You be God, you no be man oh, You be God, you no be man oh!” Before I could say jack, those tears of joy, abi appreciation of the goodness of God in my life started rolling down my eyes as I meditated on the wonderful things God has done for me. There are many times where His goodness has been so evident that it could only have been him.

The first I recalled was around 20 years ago while in my final year at the university. For some reason, I found myself on the wrong side of the school law and got suspended! in final year! (the devil remains a liar!) Can you imagine what that meant? Universities do not give interim results or half certificates you know, so it’s your final certificate or nothing! A complaint to a lecturer in my department to intervene resulted in an uncomplimentary remark that would not advance my case. He specifically said to me “You left your shadow there!” When things got so complicated, I ran home to my Father (thank God for fathers, they have all the solutions in the world) and narrated the ordeal to him. I remember talking to him about it over a weekend and asking that he come down to school to see the authorities. I cannot remember exactly what his response was initially but a wild guess would be that he was not disposed to the idea, until either my late twin brother or mum insisted that he could not leave things to pan out. That would be the second time he would have to intervene in my case in that university, the first been when he sent an Uncle of mine to come sort out my admission issue. Having got a JAMB score of 229, above the department’s cut-off mark of 218 if I remember correctly, the department was delaying in issuing the necessary admission letters, but it took that “lunch” to get the damn letter sorted out!

So, that Monday morning, my dad was at the VC’s office. But before then, the Almighty had gone ahead to make a way where there seemed to be no way. There was an “Esther” he sent, name sake to my first daughter “Chidera.” Chidera and I were in the same church group and when she heard, she could not keep quiet! She rose to her Aunty, who had the ears of those that mattered and worked directly with the VC if I remember correctly. I think she also took me to meet her aunty for emphasis. At the same time, a lot of engagements were progressing at the state level. Interventions came from those that had people in the state government as quite a lot of people were involved in the case.

When I got notified that my dad was at the VC’s office, I went to meet him. I can’t remember how that notification even came as there were no mobile phones then. As he sat and waited to be ushered into the office, Chidera’s Aunty, Mrs. Nzemiro, came by and told him (with my young eyes looking up to her) it was no longer necessary to see the VC as the case had been resolved and that the suspension letters would be withdrawn in a short while, which they did to the Glory of God. Boy! It can only be God. You can imagine what the poor me was going through within those few days.

And then the Pastor thundered from the pulpit that he was talking about “The yoke destroyer” with a text from Isaiah 10:27, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that this burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.” He noted the objectives of a yoke, to reduce potential, limit speed and reduce progress, and he stated that we all need a greater Power to set aside, destroy, reverse that yoke!

Thank God He was there as always; to destroy, reverse and restore from the yoke of those few days, not minding whether I left “my shadow there” or not.

Brethren, this God has been in the business of breaking yoke and I am a testimony. As we celebrate this father’s day, may He be quick on your case and send that Esther you need in Jesus Name. Amen.

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