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That We May Return Our State On The Path Of Peace ~ By Chris Emeka Azubogu 


(1) Don’t be part of destruction of the state and properties. Most of these Police stations were built by our people.

(2) Don’t be part of looting of people’s goods. These are citizens working hard to survive.

(3) We cannot classify wanton destruction of lives and properties as protest, or counter protest. Resorting to violence isn’t an effective means of resolving issues in any society; much more, in a republican society like Anambra state.

(4) What happened was akin to someone destroying his or her home or allowing an outsider to destroy his/her home because he or she is angry and I am deeply worried.

(5) Worried because some of the orgy of violence happened within my federal constituency hitherto known for her peaceful disposition and effective internal conflict resolution mechanisms bereft of violence.

(6) The good thing is that our people especially the youths are now conscious of protecting their Communities just as government has announced that she is ready to protect lives and properties going forward.

(7) Like I said before, we cannot resolve issues through violence destruction of lives and properties.

(8) Let respect State Government’s curfew as they work with the security agencies to bring normalcy back to our peace loving people of Anambra State.

(9) My condolences to all those that lost their love ones and properties while the violence lasted.

(10) Not minding that I was in Abuja when the violence started, but have been part of striving to resolve it.

(11) All hands must be on desk as we strive to return our state and the Nation on the path of peace.

(12) My prayer is that God will bless and keep everyone as we strive to resolve all the issues raised in Jesus Name;Amen.

(13) The truth is that, there can never be a good Violence and there can never be a bad peace.

Let’s Get It Right …
Let Peace Reign…
Ka Udo Chia…


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