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The 2019 Presidential Election Menu

By Kelechi Deca

Corruption is not on the menu because “all” have been corrupted and come short of expectations…..

Religion is not on the menu because the two major candidates are Muslim/Muslim…..

Ethnicity is not on the menu because the two major contenders are Fulani (inspite of efforts to defulanise one, so ethnicity will become an issue)….

Sectionalism will not be on the menu because both are northerners.

So what will be on the menu.

On the menu is Competence.

Who has the mindset to know what to do. The skillset to either do it, or the courage, eye for details, and openness of mind to pick those who can do it.

On the menu would be leadership. Ability to identify talents and competence and the right frame of mind to give those talents free hands to achieve results.

On the menu would be the need for a President of Nigeria who will be comfortable to work with any Nigerian irrespective of ethnicity, religion or section.

And also a President that will see every section of Nigeria as his constituency whether he got votes from there or not.

On the menu would be knowledge. Being able to understand the intricacies and key challenges leaders face in the 21st Century, and how to navigate through those challenges to achieve results.

On the menu would be ability to connect the dots.

On the menu would be ability to recognize patterns, and use it as tool of management.

On the menu would be updated mindset that will not be easily mesmerized by any of the superfluous and high falutin sounding terminologies from global economists and policymakers.

In 2019, we won’t be looking for a Albert Einstein. All we want is someone who knows and undertsands his limitations. But has the courage and strength of character to do the needful in every situation.

A leader with a listening ear. Malleable enough to understand that “there is a tide in the affairs of men……”

But rigid enough to stand for what is right even if unpopular….

I know many wont be comfortable with the delicacies on the menu because these are not easily manipulatable. Either you have them or you do not.

This 2019. If Nigeria wants to make progress among the comite of nations , make a dent on poverty, prosper, and remain as one nation, then this should be the guide for electing the next president.

I don talk my own….

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