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The Abuse Of Psychiatry Continues – By Daniel Ilu

…by those who are actually the mentally-impaired

The abuse of psychiatry continues…by those (demonic, ultra-“liberals”, for example) who are actually the mentally-impaired

If there’s one thing the whole world should know about the United States at this time in its contemporary history, it’s the abuse of the discipline of Psychiatry and its allied fields. 

Better still, let’s call it the appropriation or politicization of psychiatry by (let’s put it very mildly) EVIL, DEMONIC elements who hide their objectionable actions, preferences and views behind charges that their adversaries or opponents are “mentally ill”.  And it’s always the opponents of such, er, people that are “mentally ill”, not the lost-it-a-long-time-ago intellectual / moral lightweights who are always quick to lob such claims at others. 

More on that later…

If this “journalist” writing for the certified RAGSHEET, the Huffington Post is to be believed, PRESIDENT Donald Trump was not mentally ill when he spent the best part of the past 70 years building up a real estate empire that is as impressive as it is solid, by all objective standards and criteria. He was not mentally ill when he graced the pages of the gossip magazines all those years, squiring beautiful women, owning private jets and enjoying life to the fullest, while being the subject of envy of many a young man, inside the US and outside it. No, he was not mentally ill when he openly identified as a Democrat during those years also, spewing views and opinions that delighted the political Left.

But once he decided to (opportunistically, I should admit, but, hey, most successful politicians are opportunists!) tap into a vein of political opinion (right of Center) that he believed could propel him to the White House over the ambitions of more experienced political gladiators (which proved correct, against the calculations of many, particularly the “liberal” media), he has suddenly become…MENTALLY ILL?

God help us!!

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