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The Aggressive Race To Replace James Eze Begins

Since James Eze the Enugwu state Born SSA to ANAMBRA state Governor refused to trade his former life to that of acute blatant lies in a quest to malign Peter Greg Obi, the man who made it possible that ANAMBRA North got a chance to smell the Gubernatorial position of the state, not only did he made it possible, he broke all the records when he brought a man who has never headed his family meeting, never chaired his kindred meeting, never headed  a board meeting, never created an employment position, never paid anybody salary from his pocket, never established anything no matter now minor, never contested anything be it political or religious but owing to an orchestrated plot carried out by Sir Victor Umeh which includes his agreement with Chief Obiano many moons before ANAMBRA election comes to be, that He will give Obiano Ticket to run as the Governor and in return, Obiano will sponsor him to the Senate and when they both do two tenures, they swap positions, Umeh will be Governor while Obiano goes to Senate, they signed and sealed the deal without asking how will the state feel about it?  This is where my old man will ask “Okwo mmadu nwe ogodo ewu na ata “(is it not somebody that owns that wrapper the goat is chewing?).  

Implementation, Umeh the king of Con first of all drag OIL MAGNET IFEANYI UBAH into the con and led the Man to believe that he will run with APGA ticket, he extort very large sum of money from the Oil Baron, then the oil Baron was busy campaigning as APGA CANDIDATE and I am sure he was shocked when he saw Umeh with his RED CAP measuring 3 feet and 6 inch , hugging and making up with Okwute Ndi igbo in TV. 

At that time Umeh have finished using UBAH for the role he wanted him to play which is using his money for court process and his other connections to get back his position which by law is no longer Obtainable for his tenure was long gone, then he switched back to Okwute meaning there was nothing more to suck from UBAH . 

Meanwhile Okwute may think he finally has the chance to hand ticket to another APGAN without him knowing that Umeh has a series he is playing, after the kissing and making up, Okwute paid dearly to be allowed to field a choice candidate, so when he brought SSG OSELOKA OBAZE as his candidate, Sir Umeh shouted NO NO NO , that Obi was tight fisted but OSELOKA is aka ARADITE that it is his dead body that will sign the Form with OSELOKA name. 

Desperation sets inn, the name of Prince Chinedu Idigo were introduced and Umeh said that He does not have the charisma of a Governor ,that he will not sign the Form as the Chairman, months become weeks to expiration of INEC SUBMISSION, then Obi brought the name of Dr Chike Obidigbo and Umeh cried that no more trader, that we have suffered 8 years of trader, now we need a politician to allow politics to grow,this you cannot fault him because he has no source of livelihood outside politics, as if Politics is a trade. 

Do not forget that he is the man that will sign the Form and INEC will accept it. 

Just days to the closing of INEC WINDOW, Umeh casually mentioned to Okwute “How about that your friend who worked under you in Fidelity bank, he is from North and has no political baggage, he will be accepted ” ,see craft? 

He did not even mention the name of Obiano making Obi to suspect nothing, Obi simply picked up his phone and call Obiano to come home and run with APGA ticket. CASS CLOSED.. 

THE REST IS HISTORY but in my Chronicle to be told in a better Testament. 

Now, James has tried climbing the mountains of lies they wanted him to climb ,he have lied about 75 billion left behind and the unpaid team of Obi who the world know is aka gum, but people simply love him for what he did and how he rescued our state and gave igbo land oneness through a unified Governors forum. 

He has those who goes the distance for him free from all charges, so when they forced James and many of the principal staff to lie about it and they invented the lexicon NEAR CASH, well the DIMUNITIVE GENERAL tore them into bits with exhibition of credible evidence, they ducked , and BARR JOE MARTINS UZODIKE, Dike UDO ANAMBRA meet them at Radio stations where they went to sale the lies and he gave them Crystal truth about it and the state stand still, meanwhile TEAM ODERAIGBO hold Social Media ransom with daily truth. 

Moving on, they have forced James to lie and gyrate including the UGU SCANDAL, the young man traveled by Sea from Anam to Kogi to Plateau in search of UGU FARM he will snap the picture and present as the farm that produced UGU the state exported and made 5 million dollars, but lo and behold he found none. 

Today the conspiracy has thickened  they have giving the Governor enough bad news why James must be sacked , meanwhile the man who started CUCUMBER STATION MESS is yet to get a query just because he can supply ife eji ezu IKE (no translation) but James Eze must go, that is why the worst disease to have happen to Media Mr Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe stepped inn this days trying to curry favor and be named the replacement for James , it’s like  using SHYLOCK to replace OLIVER TWIST. 

Then Ifeanyi Aniagor suddenly join the fray of possible replacement of James and that was why he recruited an Actor, wear him Fedora hat, snap his back and declare him Obiano at the Airport, he did not consider the size and height of both  but because he wants to take it to Obiano that he is better than James  he lied  insulted and even drag The media General into his lies…Ifeanyi swore with his village deity that he saw Valentine Obienyem at Enugwu Airport snapping picture of plane  whereas Val was not even in Enugwu state at all.

The race to replace James is hot and so many casualties, lies and innuendos will follow but the question is, where did the state went wrong that we got this bad Governance as pay back? 

Can we hold still till 2017 or shall we impeach him and count our blessings? 

Ejikwom ogu oooooo


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