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The Altercations Between Dr. Uduaghan And Dr. Utomi: Matters Arising


After days of musings on the altercations between Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and Dr. Pat Utomi, it is good to make some necessary observations. When did Dr. Utomi realize that Delta State was into a debt peonage. All these past years, he put up with his observations, probably out of elite solidarity, because he has been hand in gloves with those in authority.

It is therefore obvious that he only came out now, because of his self-interest based on his intention to become governor of the “highly indebted” State. His observation is not out of any altruistic or intellectual motives. In all sincerity, he is part of the problem for putting up all these years with what he knows was a wrong policy option. The summation from that attitude is that he does not naturally have the interest of the State and its people at heart.  

On the issue of a youth centre to be built by CVL to give opportunities to youths, it is unfortunate and laughable that an important project that will impact primarily on the people of his hometown is abandoned by him, even after the turning of the sod. Dr. Utomi hurriedly abandoned the project, just because the State government did not tar the road leading to the site. What a puerile excuse! Couldn’t the project have started on earth road? In another instance, he claimed that he relocated a “multimillion dollar agricultural industrial town project” to Edo State, because he was not patient enough to wait for the allocation of land. His excuses and the haste with which he left Delta State on all instances, only goes to show a man who was obviously not keen on bringing development to his people. There is no doubt that Dr. Utomi has never been interested in Delta State.  His responses at present, are afterthought of a man seeking elective office. 

As it stands today, Dr. Utomi’s thirty-five years of public service and acclaimed recognition and connections with international development partners, has been of no benefit to his hometown and indeed the State. The big question is: what has he done in the past to improve the life of the people of his hometown, Ibuzor or any part of the State? Nothing! Charity they say, begins from home.

Presently, Dr. Utomi is sneakily moving around the State, campaigning to fringe and gullible members of APC, with his skills acquisition for youths. It is important to point out that everything he is doing right now across the State and his comments, are just to hoodwink our people. It is most unfortunate that people like Utomi under the smokescreen of being intellectuals and technocrats, assume that they know so much, which in most cases, don’t usually translate into capacity and ability to govern, because sooner than later, they are overwhelmed by the enormity the economic, socio-cultural and development challenges.

The big question is: Why does Pat Utomi want to be the Governor of Delta State after various flirtations with the idea of becoming the President of Nigeria? Pat Utomi once held a lucrative office in Shehu Shagari’s government, a government that was ranked among the most corrupt in Nigeria’s history. Could it be that he had tested the fiscal cookies, which circulated in those confused days of Shagari that he is anxious to go back to power. Perhaps, in his own convenient time, he might make a public statement or write a book explaining what actually was his role as a ’special adviser’ during Shagari’s corrupt civilian government.

Pseudo intellectuals like Utomi always brag and regale their audience about their reach internationally and how they can use their contacts to bring international investors. It is worse off if they are seeking elective positions. This is the problem with intellectuals and academicians when they run for public office. Dr. Utomi is only useful to a handful of Nigerians. As an academic, his followers consist basically of two classes of people: The Diaspora Nigerians, people who are living abroad, who think they understand the basic problem of the nation but can only write and speculate in a very theoretical basis.  And on the other hand, the elites resident in Lagos and Abuja.

The bane of Utomi’s ambition is based on the fact that throughout his life and career up to now, he did not see any reason to extend his tentacles of connections to his hometown of Ibuzor, his LGA-Oshimili North, Anioma, and indeed Delta State, including our people, especially those at the lowest social strata. The State and its people never really mattered to him, until he now needs our vote. The truth is that he has nothing in common with our people here at home across Delta State.

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