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The APC leaders’ obsession with Ike Ekweremadu


APC leaders’ obsession with Ike Ekweremadu 

“If Ekweremadu’s removal will help stabilize the economy, then, they should do all within their power to remove him.

“If Ekweremadu’s removal will stop Nigerians from losing their jobs, then, it is a task that must be done. 

“If Ekweremadu’s removal will stop Fulani Herdsmen from killing of helpless Nigerians, then, Ekweremadu should vacate both his office and Senate immediately. 

“If Ekweremadu’s removal will stabilize prices of food and common commodity in the market, then, I am joining them in asking Ekweremadu to vacate Senate. 

“If Ekweremadu’s removal will make Buhari to abandon his 97% and 5% policy, stop him from seeking to turn Nigeria to a fiefdom where the only capable hands are only from certain part of the country, then, Ekweremadu’s immediate constituency should recall him from Senate. 

“But, where the reverse is true, all the APC Governors and its leaders seeking Ekweremadu’s removal should tender their resignation letters and handover notes. 

“God bless Nigeria” — From Pete Edochie’s Facebook Wall.  

After stumbling on above thought provoking quote from Pete Edochie’s Facebook Wall, and elucidative reflection on recent undemocratic cum anti-Igbo utterances emanating from Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State against Deputy Senate President Dr Ike Ekweremadu vis-à-vis recent goofing of Publicity Secretary of Lagos State APC, Mr Joe Igbokwe on Channels TV as regards unfolding conspiracy to get rid of DSP Ekweremadu at all cost, I decided to highlight insufferable obsession of the APC’s leaders with Ekweremadu.   

It will be recalled that since the APC “won” recent senatorial election in Imo North district where its candidate—Mr Ben Uwajumogu was declared winner by the INEC against the PDP candidate, Senator Achonu Nneji, Gov. Okorocha hardly finishes any speech without mentioning the “national urgency” of replacing Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu with his stooge Senator-elect from Imo North senatorial zone as the next deputy senate president. 

What he has not told us, is how he planned to remove an elected deputy senate president in the Red Chamber where majority of Senators across party lines are still loyal to Saraki/Ekweremadu-led Senate. 

Many political watchers from the South-East geo-political zone are still flabbergasted as how Gov. Okorocha found his voice against Senator Ekweremadu immediately his puppet won controversial senatorial rerun in Imo North (which is still subject to judicial validation via election petition tribunal). 

The same Gov. Okorocha that has kept mute in the face of gross marginalization of people of South-East zone by President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government has suddenly woken from his slumber.

Not to fight for the cause of Ndigbo in Abuja but to conspire with external forces on how to move political mountain Everest called Senator Ike Ekweremadu. 

The irony of unbearable hypocrisy cum sycophancy of all these charades and shenanigans, being exhibited by anti-Igbo elements like Gov. Rochas Okorocha and Joe Igbokwe, is that they always find strength, courage, audacity and voice to speak against fellow Igbo person, just to impress external forces. 

These two the APC leaders from South-East have never advised or openly criticize President Buhari for sidling the Igbos in his lopsided appointments that are blatantly skewed in favour of the core North at the pitiable detriment of South-East geo-political zone. 

Gov. Okorocha is yet to explain to Imo State people political calculations of the APC that saw a Professor of Education and former Vice Chancellor of a University, Prof Anthony Onwuka (who happens to be his in-law) becoming Minister of State, Education to senior Minister Adamu Adamu—whose only qualification for the plum job was offering media support to President Buhari as newspaper columnist before the emergence of this administration. 

Gov. Okorocha never uttered any word of opposition or raised finger of disapproval to this dehumanising treatment and crass show of nepotism against his in-law Professor of Education and former Vice Chancellor being relegated to the background to serve a less qualified person in handling Education Ministry. 

Gov. Rochas Okorocha and Joe Igbokwe were nowhere to be found when tens of unarmed Igbo youths were gruesomely murdered in cold blood in South-East and South-South zones simultaneously by security agents of state, just for commemorating anniversary of fallen Biafran heroes. 

To rob salt to injury, some of these regime atrocities took place under the watchful eyes of Gov. Okorocha in Imo State. 

This explains why he was thoroughly embarrassed by Igbo youths in London during a town hall meeting of Imo indigenes residing in United Kingdom.

When some communities in Igbo land were invaded by marauding Fulani Herdsmen which resulting in slaughtering, maiming and extermination of hundreds of innocent Igbos, where were Gov. Okorocha and Joe Igbokwe? 

When President Buhari silenced entire Igbo nation in the appointment of Service Chiefs, where were Gov. Okorocha and Igbokwe? 

When South-East zone was marginalized in allocation of capital projects in 2016 Budget, where went Gov. Okorocha and Igbokwe? 

Insufferable and chronic hypocrisy of these APC’s leaders from South-East is nearing boiling point. 

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