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The Brotherhood of Thieves ready for another circus show


Cross Section of Senators, Headed by Deputy Senate President,Ike Ekweremadu(right from front roll) at Code of Conduct Tribunal in solidarity with senate

Photo: Cross Section of Senators, Headed by Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu (right from front roll) at Code of Conduct Tribunal in solidarity with senate

Society must protect the robbed and punish the robber – Martin Luther King Jr.

Last week, the Appeal Court in Abuja ruled that the trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) is in order and should proceed. Saraki is scheduled for November 5 and 6 at the CCT.

Saraki’s trial will be remembered for delays, postponements, adjournments, interruptions, non sequiturs, mangled facts, and general chaos. A successful prosecution and conviction of Saraki in accordance to the law of the land will prove to the Nigerian people that from now on legislators who violate the public trust will be held accountable. 

The shameless comedians of The Brotherhood of 84 Thieves with the Prince of Thieves are warming up for another circus show at the CCT. The open support and solidarity given to the Prince of Thieves by his fraternity is a shocking exposition of septicemic plague of corruption that unites The Brotherhood of Thieves with the Prince of Thieves. The support of the group is based on a concocted fable of solidarity. It’s a prima facie evidence of mendacity and political expediency.

No matter how the Brotherhood of Thieves dresses the Prince of Thieves, the Prince will always appear as a wolf in a wolf’s clothing. Nigerians, get ready for another hilarious circus of The Brotherhood of Thieves for the next appearance of the Prince at the CCT. 

It is not surprising that since the trial began, The Brotherhood of Thieves have mounted formidable acting and speaking skills into ominous warnings and fear mongering and carefully staged photo ops and speeches and fake news conferences in support of their Prince. Listen to some of the group members in defense of the Prince: “We shall continue to support our leaders… anybody outside this chamber who wants to control the Senate should go to sleep,” said Sani Yerima, Zamfara State. 

Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba from Sokoto South said the trial was mischievous, vindictive, and politically motivated. “We reiterate the fact that he is our choice for the post of Senate President and no politically motivated, mischievous and vindictive trial will change our opinion of him.” 

David Umar, Niger State, condemns the “ongoing unwarranted media embarrassment of the Senate and the Senate leadership.” 

According to Sunday Punch correspondents, “Senators George Sekibo and Gershom Bassey, both of the PDP, said that notwithstanding the ruling of the Appeal Court on Saraki’s case, loyalists of the Senate President in the upper chamber remained solidly behind him.”

The Prince himself rallies the troops: “I invite you all to stand with me to defend this Senate and preserve its sanctity.” As adamant as ever, the Prince told Nigerians that those who are expecting him to throw in the towel may have to wait till eternity as that would amount to allowing external forces to have their way.

As with all their previous carefully choreographed pandering, expect more road shows from the group. You’ll see them lock arm-in-arm marching with the Prince like imperious, disdainful feudal lords to the CCT. The hypocrisy is congenial. The group is a bunch of parasites that consumes our nation’s lifeblood, come quickly or slowly it will kill the host.

In the name of solidarity with the Prince, the business of the Nigerian people is neglected, abandoned, and completely taken off the legislative radar. The roster of individuals in The Brotherhood of Thieves that go to the courthouse with the Prince reads like a veritable “Who’s Who” in the directory of robbers. 

For all the years they have been in the Senate, nothing worthwhile has been done to improve the lives of their constituents. Never mind that The Brotherhood of Thieves represent blighted, crime ridden, and poverty-stricken constituencies. 

This group has sucked every financial lifeline for economic and social programs meant for our people. They’re stealing our future, our children’s and grand children’s future, they’re stealing money that we toiled for, and they’re weakening our nation. The Prince with his minions in the senate will do anything to undermine our nation.  If you read the newspapers, you’ll see that hardly a day goes by without politicians stealing something. Stealing caroms up and down the spectrum of the National Assembly. These thieves are pimps to Satan.

One wonders why The Brotherhood of Thieves that support the Prince charged with corruption and false declaration of assets to the tribunal hasn’t stir up monocratic wrath from the poor suffering masses.  Well, The Brotherhood of Thieves has profited from the civil lethargy of Nigerians who refuse to club the thieves with stones and sticks. The bandits’ arrogance surely comes from the confidence that the outcome of the trial of the Prince will go away like all other crimes he had committed before. The system that permits the election of thieves as senators is a “Covenant with Death and an agreement with Hell.”

The 84 members of The Brotherhood of Thieves lost the blessing of siding with the Nigerian people at the right time. They lost the blessing to condemn evil and uphold truth. They lost the blessing by refusing to follow the multitude to do evil. I say to them, every blessing ignored becomes a curse. 

It’s scary to see senators of a nation – members of the highest law making body – mired in darkness with characters that are corrupt and contemptible. Meanwhile, let’s get ready for another hilarious puppet circus show of The Brotherhood of Thieves for the next appearance of the Prince at the CCT.    


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