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The Chibok Girls ‘Abductions’ Fraud Continues…


Pictures: The conflicting rallies for Chibok in Nigeria

“We have an idea where the girls are. Our main problem is… what we promised to constituencies where these girls were abducted, was that we wanted to rescue them alive.” – General Muhammadu Buhari (President, Federal Republic of Nigeria speaking on Aljazeera’s UPFRONT with Mehdi Hasan. 16th October 2015)

With the above comments, Muhammadu Buhari threw himself headlong into the fraud the ‘Chibok abductions’ have always been and represents.

President Buhari on Aljazeera’s UpFront with Mehdi Hasan:


The President of Nigeria has ‘an idea’ where over 200 (no one has yet come up with an authentic figure) female students of the Chibok Secondary School, purportedly ‘abducted’ by Boko Haram terrorists over 500 days ago, are, and yet refrains from doing the needful on the flimsy excuse that he promised to ‘rescue them alive’. Hmmmmm!

What kind of life does President Buhari believe these girls have been living or enduring in the past 500+ days held against their will, by vicious terrorists who have no iota of regard for either human life or the girl-child. 

And this President wants us to believe that he is unaware of the Chibok ‘abduction’ charade?  

Nigerians are quite mindful of the fact that the ring-leaders of the #BringBackOurGirls gang which internationalized the ‘abductions’ of the students from Chibok Secondary School in Bornu State, Northeastern Nigeria.

This portrayed the then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan as a weakling without the slightest clues as to tackling the Boko Haram menace.

That paved the way for the (s)election of the Muhammadu Buhari, have since been appointed to plum political offices under the new  dispensation in Nigeria.

It is high time the International Criminal Court was invited to investigate and hopefully prosecute the vile characters who wasted so many young girls for mere political gains!

Eze Eluchie

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