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The Coming Of Uzodimma: What I Have Against Fr. Mbaka’s prophecy

By Tai Emeka Obasi

Let me state once more that I don’t want to argue whether the prophecy came from the Holy Spirit or human spirit. Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka is an ordained priest of the Roman Catholic Church. It’s not my duty to judge him in any matter involving spirituality because I am nowhere qualified.

Before you read further, please watch the new year video. After which, come back and continue reading.

From the video, Fr. Mbaka started his prophecy by saying…

  1. The author, Tai Emeka Obasi

    “A new leadership…and it will break the barriers of those who could have stopped it…and there is joy on the land of Imo.”

  2. “At this point, lift up your candles…and I bless Hope Uzodimma.”
  3. “I empower him spirituality to go and take over.”

If you haven’t made sense yet, watch the video again and continue reading.

From every analysis so far, Hope Uzodimma did not win the election in Imo state. If Imolites loved him that much, they would have equally elected some House of Assembly members to protect his leadership as governor.

Uzodimma’s fourth position was deservedly what Imolites thought of him and his party. The massive fraud he perpetrated by over voting was rightly rejected by INEC, the legal conductors of the election.

Both the Tribunal and Appeal Court correctly excluded the results where Uzodimma presented figures indicating number of voters not only exceeded the number of accredited voters on the day of voting but also exceeded the number of officially registered voters.

Whatever technicalities involved, Uzodimma stood no chance in any court of law.

Now, go back to Fr. Mbaka’s prophecy.

He started legalising the illegality of making Uzodimma the governor by saying, “and there will be joy on the land of Imo.”

What joy? Joy to people who rejected him and clearly demonstrated so by giving him votes only good for fourth place?

Fr. Mbaka called on his congregation to lift up their candles… “and I bless Hope Uzodimma.” By those candles lifted, the priest spiritually blessed and by so doing firmly endorsed a man that shouldn’t be there!

“I empower him spirituality to go and take over,” firmly sealed for ndi Imo to just accept the coup as divine.

I call all these Fr. Mbaka drama spiritual rigging.

Why do I say so?

If the priest saw Uzodimma on the throne, and he so desired to speak out for the prophecy, all he needed to say was, “I see Hope Uzodimma. I don’t know how it will happen but he will be the governor of Imo State.” Full stop.

But Fr. Mbaka went further to proclaim joy in the land, blessed and empowered Uzodimma to go and take over. It was more than spiritual rigging.

If the priest was interested in doing more and of what was expected of a Catholic priest, he should have just said something like, “lift up your candles… let us pray and ask God that the coming of Uzodimma brings joy to Imo State.”

That way, the priest, who is as controversial as he is popular, would have been seen as doing his duty devoid of any bias. He should have shed himself the cloaks of the controversies.

But he played it too deep like one who has strong vested interest.

Nigeria has electoral laws and guidelines. Fr. Mbaka and his disciples should not make it look like God is re-writing those laws. Devil is the one playing most roles in the affairs of Nigeria presently.

Most Nigerians are praying for the day God will take over, for take over the creator certainly will.

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