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The Creed, The Deed on Tuesday Report Card


willie Obiano

Great Morning to my Dear state ,as usual my duties are segmental and i am doing what i am divinely called to do, which is holding a Mirror in front of our state and show us the real US .

My state is my focus because odi mma odiri anyi nile [when it is good ,it is for all of us] ,my state has gone the part to perdition since we sold our heart and soul to TOMB RAIDER ,even when he fell beyond redemption ,we still buy him out from the pit and while dragging him out from the pit ,he was pulling us into the pit and using us to make the ladder of escape, the painful part is that he do that without apologies.


This   position were ceded to this men with impunity because they metamorphosed from tenure expired Local Government Chairmen into Transition Chairmen just because they said they will work against the candidate of Umeh, a man that holds the state to  bone crushing  ransom  .

They Bribed ,lobbied and got back the position, but what makes me to cry ADAKA NA ONU ENWE is because they are all going from place to place complaining that since they took over as Transition Chairmen ,they,ve not received  kobo and they are aggrieved because we have enough to enrich INEC and APC NATIONAL  yet nothing for the Boys that will make it happen at ground zero .

I do not know if to dance SHOKKY or just smile and say “serve them right” but what a heck ,let them sweat and spend what they have already so that agwa fa na heat na eme fada under his Cassock they will agree .

ANSACA –The Anambra State Aids Control Agency (ANSACA)

Sir ,i wonder why you pulled out DR JOHN NDIBE who worked hands in glove with WORLD BANK ,then replace him with DR IBEZIM the Younger brother to Bishop Ibezim of Awka Dioecese who is working as head of HIV unit in Nigerian Army 82 division Enugwu and at same time working as SSA to the Governor and now as Head of ANSACA ,THE question is how is he going to continue combining the Military Job and this ANSACA job.

Meanwhile it is painful that World BANK just pulled out from the state because of that appointment and inconsistency in the Government ,they complained that they have a hand in interview of who takes over the job,they should have oversight on ANSACA but with the current hostile take over ,world bank is not ready to enter Kpukpu nkpu ogene with any state , Meaning their pull out our loss .


Sir the other day in AGUATA ,your aides made you to commission a Transformer giving to them by Chief Peter Obi as a Governor ,then your aides help them to wall the Transformer and then get you to Commission the Transformer ,which is embarrassing to say the least. The Transformer that was in place before the government of the day were inaugurated and yet it was commissioned by the government ? some will consider it clueless Government but i will say that the retinue of SSA that wants were to generate spending money must have conned the executive .We know that every commissioning and Flag off cost millions of our money even when the project cost less than 1 million naira to execute .

If you did not warn them ,they will start taking you to commission CULVERTS,GUTTERS and very soon Commission BLACK BOARDS .

I recall this News as was reported by PMNEWS

“Obi gives laptops, printers to Anambra schools

Published on November 12, 2013 by pmnews   ·   11 Comments

Governor Peter Obi of the eastern Nigerian state of Anambra on Tuesday distributed 22,500 laptops and 1,400 printers worth N2.65 billion to secondary schools in the state.

The governor, who presented the items to the schools and cheques to the partnering companies, said the state government had also procured 520 transformers for distribution to schools in the 177 communities in the state.

“It is our commitment on ICT in secondary schools to improve learning in the state.

“What we are doing here today with educational instruments is the biggest the world over,’’ he said.

The governor said the laptops had in-built national curriculum in all the subjects and had internet connectivity.

What gets me here is that he did not commission any of the above items ,he just DID IT ,like NIKE will say,,moving on ,,


This is where anyi relu the highest Adaka na onu udene ,we went to Abia despite the fact that the saying which provide “ofu osisi adiro adu mmadu na anya ugboro abuo” [One protruding stick does not strike one twice on same spot] ,APGA went to ABIA state even with GBURUGBURU and IJELE ,they succeeded in enthroning an APGA governor but when the National Apga Chairman started his duty of been a parasite to the Governor he ran as fast as his leg will carry him into PDP,that was few months after he won as APGA candidate  .

Moving Forward ,now we made a bigger mistake of trying to sponsor OTTI who signed a pact with APC even while the case is still at Tribunal ,not only did my state gave him everything which we did not give to ERNEST NDUKWE ,DUBEM OBAZE and host of other APGA contenders in the state in their quest to regain or gain a mandate  .

The most worrisome part was when the case were at SUPREME COURT and on the day of Judgement ,my state chartered AIRPLANE and chauffeured many people to ABUJA ,hired Singers and dancers ,,then Booked 3 Hotels in UMUAHIA from Top to Down in anticipation of return on investment ,well as my old man will say “Aka nsi welu ba anyi na onu” [We inserted the fingers we used to mix poison into our mouth].

We lost our deposit ,lost our capital and lost everything we invested in Abia state under OTTI ,whereas we know that he is not an APGA member ,meanwhile so many OLD APGA VETERANS ,NWC are still sour on the treatment meted to them by the new APGA BOT CHAIRMAN ,LEADER OF APGA and LIFE CHAIRMAN of the party and here we are spending our Loans on frivolities .

Sir,i read a report from one ONYIA IK who reported and i quote “Another Magic from Gov Obiano led Govt of Anambra State …As govt lied again.

Bought “brand new” Toyota Cars in December 2015 and it turned to be tokumbo(used cars )in February 2016.

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia.

In December 2015 , Governor Obiano bought supposed 30 Toyota Cars for police.

He told the public that they are brand new Toyota cars .

Many questioned why they did not buy INNOSON made cars . The rational behind buying Toyota cars as against Innoson Cars raised dust among the people and friends of Anambra State .

Anambra State govt led by Gov Obiano unleashed well funded govt media propaganda machinery defending the govt sabotage against Economy by a governor that supposed to protect it.

Today , the reason behind the Toyota cars is out ! They bought old cars , refurbished and brought into Anambra State as new cars while retiring our state money for new cars .

Evidence of the govt lies are :

On checking three of the supposed New Cars and their mileage shows :

(1) 37,000 mileage .

(2) 23,000 mileage .

(3) 17,000 mileage .

Can news cars bought in December generate above mileage ? No !

They lied again!

Lies don’t last ! It truth will continue to stand ! ”end of quote

Sir ,i am sure you do not have the luxury of checking for such angle in transactions ,but now that he has drawn your attention to it ,we expect that you will do something about it .

This Fraud cannot stand ,especially considering the extra high cost of the vehicles …28 MILLION NAIRA for Each and now we have to endure that they are Used  or refurbished ?.

Finally ,i want to remonstrate over the Aroma Monument of Cement that is lightened every night with power generated through 2900 GENERATOR .It is baffling that Monthly fuelling cost for that window decoration stand at 14 million of our money ,which is  deductable from the loans [series ] we took .

Bringing me to the madness of SECURITY VOTE in general ,imagine where Governors take Security votes that surpass the salary of all the teachers in the state and not for once have any of them been owed for such absurdity ,yet they have the temerity to owe workers for months ,but this is where i doff my Cap for Obiano ,despite his extravagant way of governance ,he still pays salary ,when other states are not paying ,but that is not justification for the multiple loans my state took and also plotting to take more .

I thought that by now we would’ve start strategising on how to cut down on the numbers of CARS in our Governors and OSODIEME convoys ,to save some cost .

Cut down on the monthly THANK YOU PAYMENT to the LIFE CHAIRMAN OF APGA .

Cut down on the useless ,yes i mean complete useless Set of SA and SSA’S that parade our Government corridors doing nothing.

Cut down on the praise singers that goes ahead of places to shout WILLIE IS WORKING on occasions even Burials .

Cut down on throwing parties that gulps multi millions at the expense of the state

Cut down on the excessiveness of the SSA which on many occasion they have taking over the duties of the commissioners and most unfortunate of the Commissioners are those not related to AGULERI by birth ,marriage or circumstance .The Commissioners are glorified servants without bite ,they cannot even commission Black board or give contract of any sought .

To cut the cost of Governance we need a drastic measure to change the abnormal ways we run the government that placed us at a very wasteful end .

I have to beg off while i am on till next Tuesday


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