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The Day I wept For Anambra State


*Commissioning /claiming of Peter Obi’s projects continues

Yesterday, Governor Willie Obiano, while campaigning for Chief Victor Umeh, commissioned three road projects done by former Governor Peter Obi. 

The roads are:

1. Enugu-Ukwu-Nimo-Okacha Junction-Neni

2. Aguiyi by pass-Agulu-Nwanchi-Obeledu-Neni

3. Akweze-Adazi Enu

To make maximum show out of it, the commissioning were all done in markets.  

Example: for Enugu-Ukwu-Nimo-Okacha Junction-Neni, it was done in Oye Nimo. 

For Aguiyi bypass-Agulu-Nwanchi-Obeledu-Neni, it was done in Oye Obeledu

But the people were not deceived; attendances were poor as if the villagers said to themselves that they would not be part of the scam.

Again, look at the history of the roads Obiano commissioned:

• Enugu-Ukwu-Nimo-Okacha Junction-Neni

Road 1  Mr. Peter Obi awarded this road to IDC on November 2012, with completion period of 12 months. It was completed by Obi before he left office at the contract sum of about 1.2 Billion Naira.

• Aguiyi by pass-Agulu-Nwanchi-Obeledu-Neni

Road 2. The 3.5 Kilometer- road was done through direct labour at the sum of 250 Million Naira. It was completed by Obi.  

• Akweze-AdaziEnu

Road 3:  awarded to Paul B at contract sum of 430 Million.  The road was completed under Obiano, but apart from the money paid the contactor by Obi, Obiano is yet to pay him one kobo on the road.

Look at what Victor is causing for the Governor. The one reason why Willie’s second tenure will remain a mirage is Victor Umeh.

Mazi Odera

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