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The Dearth of Critical Thinking and Encroachment of Extreme Emotionalism and Sentimentalism in Black Populations

The Black People of the World Must Start Thinking

The Dearth of Critical Thinking and Encroachment of Extreme Emotionalism and Sentimentalism in Black Populations

The book Why Nations Fail struck a cord in me a few years ago when I read it for the first time. Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, the authors, did a good job. In highlighting one of the main reasons banana republics manifest from within and without. They touched on the importance of governments ensuring the protection of lives and properties and the assurance that property rights are protected in their domain.

The owner of a manufacturing company in Minneapolis that was burned to the ground during last week’s violent riots in the USA has announced that he is relocating his company and with it, taking hundreds of jobs out of the city, due to the failure of the city’s Democrat leaders to protect businesses during last week’s riots.

Kris Wyrobek, president and owner of 7-Sigma Inc, the manufacturing company that was burnt by the protesters, stated that the Minneapolis Democrat government don’t care about his business. Hence they refused to protect the company during the riots. Wyrobek also stated that a fire truck that was called in to quench the inferno while it raged was ordered by the Democrat government to do nothing about the fire. Is this not scary?

Guess what? Many more companies are also leaving the place. Thousands of job losers who are mostly blacks are gonna be permanently unemployed as these companies decides to move to a more secured location that guarantees them law and order which protects property rights. Job losses and company relocation comes with a lot downsides in taxation opportunities too, right?

I don’t know why we black folks almost across the board, thrive more on emotions than on clear critical, analytical, and reasonable thinking. These American politicians don’t give a flying damn about you. Your black cities are gonna end up worst than it was ab initio anyways.

According to available reports, it will take more than 50 years for Minneapolis to recover from the onslaught that has just engulfed her. The latest is, they want to scratch the police service of that city. Like, who is thinking-up these self-destruct-inducing-policies?. Do you think any business would wanna go there without state-backed security? Do you not know that people will leave that place in droves for security reasons and property value will tank forever?

Who would loose at the end of the day? SAME POOR BLACK FOLKS, right? Do you know what this means? It is simple; poverty, especially one indirectly created by the state in this case, would become more engraved and the state will up her game by playing NANNY to the people she has indirectly made miserable. Forced Socialism methinks.

It is all about the politics of PANDERING and VIRTUE SIGNALLING. It maximizes votes for certain groups. They create the problem by refusing to do their jobs. Remember, the killer cop who killed George Floyd that started the current mess is a repeat offender for the same kind of crime for 20 years before he was arrested.

Funny thing is that this dirty cop was never prosecuted by the hypocritical PACIFIST-INCLINED Democrats who ran Minneapolis. When his recent crime got out of hand, they turned around and pretended to stand with you by watching as you and ANTIFA burnt your communities to the ground.

Another funny thing is that they know you would sheepishly continue to keep them in power after every election period hence they throw up the same “SYSTEMIC-RACISM” cliche at every election cycle if they notice that you are about to start THINKING FOR YOURSELVES. You African Americans are TRAPPED forever if you guys don’t wake up.

Split your votes between the political parties and you will be taken seriously without being SET-UP to self-implode. Ask for job creations instead of food stamps and nonsensical welfarism that never solves your fundamental problems. Get your family unit intact with both male and female role-models to alleviate your community’s social vices and reduce unnecessary altercations with the police that come from criminality. If you don’t help yourselves, you will remain a pawn in this American Political chess game.

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