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The dinosaur called Dino Melaye

The dinosaur called Dino Melaye

Many men have tagged him the man of battles. His detractors say he has no respect for women. 

The blind critics say he has no focus. It is a world in which impression has been inherited without checks. 

Yes, people are entitled to their opinions. 

But our opinion must never be allowed to rob us of the respect only earned through rational appraisal of issues and events. 

Different commentators have different analysis of the Dino-Remi tango. 

Millions were invested into making the world see Senator Dino Melaye as a bad person, a woman abuser. 

Conservatively, about 75 million naira was sunk into moving people around the South West to stage a profit-driven protest in Abuja. 

It failed because truth has no price tag. 

We live in an Afrocentric society where women are expected to respect men, ceteris paribus. 

For Remi Tinubu to launch an unprovoked attack on Senator Dino Melaye, it is condemnable by the standards of Africa. 

Those who expected Dino to just wave the attack off were asking for too much. 

As a Kogite, an Okun man, not reacting instantly will attract unprecedented flakes back home. 

Okun people are not violent but they abhor domination. Sen. Dino is an embodiment of that spirit. 

As I write this, I assume that the hugely popular Senator has moved on, away from the condemnable act of disrespect by the Senator from Lagos, a Deaconess! 

But the ashes of the lessons learnt are hot enough for effects. 

Tinubu’s fading political dynasty was exposed to the whole world. So the Lion of Bourdillion could be caged?  

He found his match in the irrepressible Sen. Dino Melaye who matched his shoulder for shoulder in the court of public opinion. 

Also, Remi Tinubu was properly presented to the consciousness of the Nigerian nation. 

Since her husband couldn’t impose his stooges on the Senate, she was planted to disparage the institution of the Senate. 

Succinctly put, she is against every institution that refuses to come under the jackboot of the Bourdillion Lion. 

Fellow Nigerians, it is time for President Muhammadu Buhari to ask himself some germane questions:

Why does Tinubu want to control every institution of government?  

Why is he competing shoulder to shoulder with the President?  

Why is he using the judiciary to silence his opponents? 

It is time the President watched his back. Tinubu is a master of politi-craft. He is angling 2019 as his year of glory. Nigeria must beware. 

Another lesson learnt is the grace upon the life of Sen. Dino. He is imbued with the instinct of winning wars. 

From Bankole to Eteh and Remi, he is tenaciously wrestling to win. 

Why does he always win?  Truth. Truth is a strong tower. Truth is constant. Truth is indomitable. 

Those who fight on the side of truth never loses. 

Time to sheathe the sword?  I will give a measured yes. 

If Remi is ready to accept the leadership of Sen. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Same Senate should also accord her due respect. Respect is reciprocal. 

I am writing today because I learnt a former Senator from Kogi West met with some top editors to wake the sleeping dog. 

I sympathize with the former Senator. 

Senator Dino Melaye deprived him of the opportunity to continue to invest in Kwara State with resources earned while representing Kogi West. 

It is pitiable. Isn’t it? 

When you enter a host house through the window, you must keep quiet in order not to be asked how you entered. Kogi West has surpassed the era of representation by falsehood. 

In the era of Dino Melaye, the Kabba-Obajana road is under rehabilitation. Boda “Amos” couldn’t achieve that in eight years. 

Opponents of Sen. Dino are surely threatened by his meteoric rise to prominence through effective leadership. 

Abinibi will always be superior to ability. 

Every Egungun must be careful with this moving train called Senator Dino Melaye ,the mega Imole that is consuming every darkness, either in Bourdillon or Shekina Land. 

We are battle ready! 

*The Man of Pen is an unseen thinker.


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