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The Donald Trump’s America – By Emokpae Odigie

I have watched Donald Trump with a keen interest right from April 2016 when he said “out of the 19 hijackers who attacked America on September 11, 2001 fifteen were Saudis” how come America took their vengeance to Iraq, Libya and Syria? He went on to say, that wrong action has thereby made nations who were allies of America new enemies. This was during his campaign for the Republican party nomination. To say I was hoodwicked by that statement would be an understatement. My interest for him was established and I began to hope we would witness an American president who will break from the status quo and not only treat all Americans as equals but the rest of the world will also receive a fair deal. He was already making waves in the tabloid. When I visited Melton Keynes, London in July my little nephew, Nosa Eweka, who was four years old then retorted even when Donald Trump was not in the news “nobody likes Donald Trump” His father, My in-law, Osahon Eweka, corrected him that there are some people who love him. That was to become a prophecy of sorth as no one, which included me, expected Trump to win the forth coming American presidential election.

The following morning after the election, I turned on my radio at 06.00 when I woke up and I was greeted with the pleasant surprise news report “Donald Trump has won the election by electoral college of 25 percent in more states than in the ones won by Hillary Clinton”. Despite my support for Donald Trump I had not hoped he would win. I chose to support him because of what I thought he would do. To prove that we are all human and limited in seeing tomorrow Pastor Joshua of the Synagogue church of all nation in Ekotun Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria had to cascade his prediction of Hillary Clinton’s victory in that election. It did not take two months after he was sworn in for me to know that he is as ambivalent as the American establishment though only with a variation.

In the tradition of American elections of the past 40 years or more the electorates have always changed their president after a two-term of a president to the one of the other party. And winning by electoral college did not exclusively happen with Donald Trump. George W Bush clinch the presidential ticket over the democrate candidate Al Gore in the year 2000 who won the popular votes while Bush won the electoral college votes. So why are the American establishment hell bent on doing-in Donald Trump? The accusation that Russia helped him to win by revealing something about Hillary Clinton still flies in the face of facts. What is the content of what was revealed. We can only guess that by conjecture. Over threats of death to the American ambassador of Libya before he was killed along with three others American diplomats the Saudis conviced Hillary Cinton to encouraged the diplomats to stay on. The Saudis did not wish to see a Libyan failed mission if American were to pull out. Hillary Clinton obliged the Saudis due to the lobby and huge donations to the Clinton’s charity’s NGO. But you know what? this is my inference and not what American news agents are revealing because we do not hear in the news what the content of Russian support to Donald Trump was. The fact that Clinton won the popular votes does not impress the American establishment. However we are watching how events will unfold into the future, inpeachment or survival of Donald Trump.

For Donald Trump, I have been disappointed. He banned six Muslim nations, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libyan, Iran and Somalia. Where was Saudi Arabia? It was only then I realised that Americans will not change. We are back to where I thought was a point of departure, poor me!. Money talks! The saudi political leaders use petrol dollars to secure safety for themselves. American political leaders are mere porns in the Saudis chess board. Palestinians will still continue to suffer under the genocidal weight of the Isrealite- conservative leadership, Africa will not be in American reckoning. It is business as usual, American economic interest first and the rest of humanity can go to blazes. Then the confusing signals Donald Trump says Russians are good but the American establishment guys say the opposite. Trump want to attack North Korea but no show (it is all gragra as I had told my friend, who is an American apologist) I told him Russian Television, RT has shown in vivid graphic analyses why that attack will not happen and even went on to show the supposed American six-fleet aircraft carrier vessel, that was mention for the attack, was heading toward the opposite direction. Trump has visited Saudi Arabia and bowed to collect a medal from the Saudi King. The confusion continues.

Europe is just waking up to American self centreness that is a break from the one they had all shared with America. American establishment is still fighting to see him off. Trump has criticized China and backed down during his Asian tour by praising China for their nationalism. He has threatened to reduce American relationship with Canada as well as the rest nation in the American continent. Meanwhile he has not said anything sweet to the ear of Africans but has ordered African Nations to break diplomatic relationship with North Korea. We are waiting to see idiot African Leaders who would obey.

Those Muslim nations banned have produced no militants in foriegn lands in Europe and America. Iran,Libya, Sudan and Somalia nationals are not known to partake in terrorist acts in Europe or America. Iran may support libration movements in Lebanon, Hezbullah was formed to drive out Isreali army who invaded lebanon in the early 80s. A socialist Islam as the muslim ideology of Iran is the threat America and Saudi Arabis are freightened of . A nuclei bomb empowered Iran would never be a threat to anyone including America and her allies in the Middle East as that deadly military arsenal is a deterent to those that have it. If Saddam Hussien did not discontinue his ambition for that powerful bomb he would still be alive today. Same for Muammar Ghaddafi if he had not listened to his third son, Saif Al Islam, who adviced his father to drop the ambition and reconciled with the western world. Asad of Syria is lucky to be alive today because his father had signed a defence deal with USSR in the days of the Soviets.

One of the reasons for the western nations’ hatred for the president of Russia, Putin, is that he has not allowed them to realize their vision of a new world order in which Syria must be ruined and incapacitated all for the western nations’ selfish economic gains.The middle East has been set on fire again by Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Racist Israel in complete disregard of Ibrahim/Abraham as the primogenitor of both Arabs and Jews. Donald Trump is the significance and an imperfection in the American democracy and electioneering culture. This again has shown the weaknesses inherent in the human socio-cultural evolution. No matter how we will try for a perfect system of governance an idiot/ ignoramus can be elected to that pinnacle of political power to the amazement of even sceptics of democracy.

During the bruhaha and gragra of Donald Trump over North Korea I happened to have engaged an Irish man who believed that Kim Jong un was a threat to the world. When I asked him to name the nations North Korea has invaded in history or any nations North Korea has dethroned or attempted to remove their leader from power. In a hindsight he could not find any. And then I asked him “can that be said of America. He answered in affirmation. I asked him who then was the threat to humanity. He was so impress with what I pointed out to him that he could not hide how bitter he was with himself. I told him to calm down that most news they, in the west, were exposed to were of their goverment propaganda which are to protray themselves as the good guys and the others as the vallians who are bent on destroying the rest of the world for the mere fun of it.

Back to Donald Trump America. He has fought all except his family, the CIA, FBI, Defence staff aka “ the soldier knew what he had signed for”, the press, chief of staff etc. In a short time of eight months into his rule he sacked nine members of cabinet. Don’t disagree with him if you wish to keep your job. All these are happening while the threat of impeachment is dangling over his head. How those opposed to him will succeed, time will tell. He is fighting the American establishment who are equally fighting back. And ironically Donald Trump is expanding the American establishment of selfishness . Although for now we are all aware that the American establishment grouse with Trump is his relationship with Putin’s Russia. Why? It is only because Putin has not allowed them to achieve the establishmnt dream of the new world order in which only their interests shall be maintained. The accusation of Russian meddling in that election is more of a smoke screen for the real deal. And even if it was true what percentage effect would it have had as the majority votes still went to Hillary Clinton

What state was swung by Putin’s revelation and how many states. This is quite different from former president George W Bush whose brother, Jeff Bush, a governor of a state who was said to have altered the votes.in favour of his brother. Al Gore the Democrats candidate, who lost in the election, was urged to go to court to contest the result of that state. He eventually declined on grounds of holding the inage of America over his personal interest. While the fires of confusion, skemishes and ambivalence ranges, one is inclined to ask “for whose interest are all these?” Some have claimed this is a symbolic sign of the decline of the American empire as China is filling the gaps left by America. In different parts of the world. Well! If these are futurologist plying their trade, time will tell.

Emokpae Odigie, The Personal Assistant To The Oracle Of Ogbe


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