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The Ekweremadu/Germany saga: AN All Igbo Affair

By Olugu Orji


It is as hilarious as it is revealing that since news of the Ekweremadu/Germany saga broke, everyone has suddenly become an Igbo affairs expert.

All manner of issues are being thrown into the jumbled mix: Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB’s terrorist tag, Igbo’s lack of unity and respect for elders, a receding Igbo presidency, bla, bla, bla.

The whole whimsical scenario is reminiscent of a man with a log in his eye straining to extract the tiny speck from his partner’s.

I haven’t the slightest intention of discussing sensitive family matters in the marketplace. But you can take this from me: we’ll be fine, and so will Ekweremadu.

And while you’re all over the place hyperventilating, blabbing and pontificating, Yele Sowore is still pining away in gaol, Leah Sharibu continues to be the unwilling guest of murderous, masochistic mujaheddin, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky is still neither free nor healthy, Zamfara and Yobe States are still rooted firmly to the bottom of the WAEC totem pole.

Here’s free advice though: do not mock a man with red eyes if you don’t know how and where he acquired them. And by all means, do not judge him if you cannot support his mission.


I have hurt myself in a thousand places

As I engaged in a hundred escape races

To distance myself from these dreadful woes

Far away from failure’s unforgiving throes

I have died over a dozen times

In dread of unceasing evil rhymes

I sip from the spooked chalice of death

To escape my challenge-infested fate

I’m awakened at an imposing pearly gate

By a being betraying neither love nor hate

I stand transfixed waiting for what he’ll say

With tired wobbly legs ready to give way

Before me appears a massive virtual scroll

Bearing words that make my wearied eyes roll

Fearful deserters can never find rest

So return and conclude the test

So I return: rid of my crippling fear

I come energized to kill and tear

For I must end my course as prescribed

Never to be scared or bullied or bribed

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