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The end of ESN like the end of BSS- Any lesson learned?


Assuming ESN is on ground; now, when you can’t report anything about ESN or release videos, isn’t that a technical dismissal or disbandment? But I know most members of Ubini Ukpabi are waiting for Nnamdi Kanu to say he is no longer doing ESN. Now, take few minutes and read this succinct article and learn a big lesson. What did you gain from ESN- lives lost, noise made on Facebook, we are still here, no freedom, no security and no headway.

When Nnamdi Kanu launched ESN; there was a unique celebration among members of IPOB and that practically got me a little bit confused. I tried to know the reason for the celebration because the young man not too long ago launched BSS where he received guard of honor and ESN is simply a repeat of that feat. On a second thought; I felt the celebration was because ESN brandished arms; but I was disappointed because I expected those celebrating to know BSS had guns then but didn’t choose to brandish them.

What eluded members of IPOB was critical questions; ESN had a mission- which was to safeguard Nigerian forests and not actually to restore Biafra. I found it harder to know what IPOB really wanted- a safe forest in Nigeria- a secured Eastern Nigeria or a sovereign state. If IPOB has a lone mission to restore Biafra; setting up ESN to secure Nigerian forests is more or less a distraction or confusion. It could be well described as kicking a can down the road, thus, wasting time and deceiving victims.

Launch of ESN had a fraudulent antics; the way Nnamdi Kanu recorded the footage and skillfully edited it to impress shows something is being targeted. Another critical question that eluded members of IPOB was; who was Nnamdi Kanu trying to impress with videos and pictures instead of focus on result? If truly ESN had the mission of at least securing forest hence Biafra appears to be impossible mission for them, why not start the work and result will convince us or do the talk. Why the unnecessary videos to convince us? it is simply because there was no genuine mission or genuine group called ESN.

Two days after floating videos; the reason for launching ESN surfaced; account details was publicized and public asked to pay into the account to help feed and keep the boys healthy even when a confirmed report had it that those boys had all gone back home. The people realized quickly and did not pay; it was extortion but the leader of IPOB was determined to cash out on his ESN. Few weeks on; he began to organize zoom meeting to impose mandatory donations and to date, he is still bent on getting donations for what has nothing to do with restoration of Biafra.

Go back to how BSS ended; the leader of IPOB made announcement that BSS will now be a secret organization operating like MOSSAD. He declared ban on recruitment that was never happening and that was how BSS died. The truth is; Nnamdi Kanu knows that many of his members took oath of loyalty, so, he doesn’t bother to be self critical. Instead of come open and declare; he is done and dusted with BSS, he smartly began with ending recruitment, making it a secret service and the rest became story.

Fast forward to ESN; after every effort to cash big on ESN failed; after unnecessary deaths and aimless militarization of our land, the young man found out he cannot go on anymore and instead of openly declare once more that he is done and dusted with ESN, he once more smartly declared end to recruitment that was not happening anywhere and banning video or report on ESN. ESN has come to an end; lives lost for nothing but donations no matter how small entered his pockets. Like BSS like ESN; from their beginnings to their ends except video presentation.

Finally; if ESN is a neighborhood security or for safeguarding our forests; it is a welcome idea but Nnamdi Kanu should go through the right channel. Register the security according to Nigerian law and work closely or in agreement with governors of Southeast. Those IPOB members that want secured forest and farm lands in Nigeria can pursue their dreams with Southeast governors while those of us that want Biafra can go on with our true quest.

Yet; there are no results or convincing actions by ESN or simply put, any impact by ESN. We know about ESN or actions of ESN by what Nnamdi Knau and his members post on social media. ESN exist because we see videos Nnamdi Kanu and his bandwagons upload on social media and ESN will stop existing once the videos stop coming.

We have not seen ESN patrolling like Amotekun; we have not seen them making legitimate arrest or carrying out a legal action. As a matter of consequence; anybody seen parading himself as ESN will be arrested and charged with murder and as such, ESN members are already at large and being hunted. There was no need to announce prohibition of videos and reports about ESN – it was more meaningful and sincere to say, ESN has been disbanded and ended like BSS and others before it.

Let this be a lesson to those that want to learn- not only that Nnamdi Kanu has nothing to offer but he is more confused than Buhari and doesn’t know where to go or the way to follow. Indeed, if you want to see ESN, go to the forest in Orlu. Madness!

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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