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The fear of Soludo and the antics of desperados — By Christian Aburime


…the demand by overwhelming majority of Ndi Anambra for Soludo to be their next Governor cannot be subverted!

The game of politics as practised in this part of the world is usually taken to the extreme. Especially the one practised in Anambra state which sometimes defy all known human logic.

Act of decency is thrown overboard not even given to the dogs, and anything goes all in a desperate effort to grab power

To these desperados, politics is seen in the context of doing anything that is ‘doable’ to win at all cost.

All known decorum or act of responsibility are sacrificed and buried.

Ever since Prof charles Chukwuma Soludo made his declaration of intent to contest the November 6 Anambra gubernatorial election, some political ‘Hawks’ who are sworn enemies of the state and good people of Anambra suddenly gathered, and Soludo became their focus.

They took their eyes off the ball and concentrated on an individual

Aside the failed attack on his life early this year by some unknown gun men where three of his security details were killed in cold-blood, Soludo has not had rest.

First, it started with all sorts of libelous and malicious write ups against his person ostensibly to denigrate and weaken him. When that failed to be convincing enough, they approached the courts to do their biddings

Nigerians woke up on July 16, 2021 to a rude shock that INEC has replaced Soludo’s name as APGA gubernatorial candidate for November 6 election with a candidate that was disqualified from the APGA primaries

INEC boldly told a bewildered nation that it took the action based on a court judgment from Birin-Kudu, in far away Jigawa state.

How can these political desperados obtain such a bizarre judgement from Jigawa state, a distance of hundreds of kilometres from Anambra State where the APGA primaries took place. This is how sordid and nauseating things have become in the land!

Thankfully, an Awka Federal High Court sitting in Anambra state has given a judgement directing INEC to publish Prof Soludo’s name as the legally and validly elected gubernatorial candidate of APGA.

The judgement described the political desperados troubling APGA and Soludo as “meddlesome interlopers”, meaning ‘trouble makers’ who should henceforth desist from parading themselves as APGA national chairmen or seeking to parade their candidates as APGA gubernatorial candidates.

That was a final judgement further revalidating previous court rulings and orders recognising Dr Victor Ike Oye as the authentic and indisputable national chairman of APGA

Now that the court has spoken it behoves on INEC to as well obey this Awka FHC judgement just as it did to that of Jigawa. INEC must not allow itself to be compromised because it will certainly backfire!

The sovereign will of the people of Anambra state and their voices cannot be subverted by a few desperate politicians

Anambra will continuously remain the ‘Light of the Nation” where darkness shall have no bearing or hold sway!

And the voice of the people which is the voice of God will ultimately prevail at the end of the day!

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