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The Fear of Tonto Dike Is The Beginning Of Wisdom

The Fear of Tontolet

Tontolet! That nick name came from Dbanj, Tonto Dike said to Daddy Freeze as they made their way through an interview that broke the internet. For a few days, the buzz had been on the said interview with all the social media channels feeding on it, so I decided to find the full video on Youtube and boy! It was a mouthful as Daddy Freeze kept saying.

Prior watching the video, I had observed the “clap back” Tonto offered anybody that dare say a word against her on the episode. She was prepared and ready to rebut any tongued that rose against her.

In some cases, even when some people posted some things from their personal experiences, they struggled to educate the fans that it had nothing to do with the discussion of the moment. A clear case was AY who struggled to convince fans that he was not talking about Tonto, as if the guy was scared to the bones of Tonto coming after him.

He kept swearing like Peter in the bible that he was not talking about Tonto. At a point, a fan jokingly wrote “Just wait, Tonto is coming”! I could swear AY must have weed on his pants at reading that and I will not blame him, given the viciousness of Tonto’s clap back. I mean how will AY convince us he is not a 3 seconds man, for example; if Tonto alleges that he is one.

As I watched the reality TV interview, all I could say in my mind was “Onye koo nke ya uwa anuruwa” (if you tell your own backyard story, the world will happily listen and feed on it!). There are many marriages with issues but takes the announcement from the direct parties for the world to feed on the story.

Even as Daddy Freeze pretended to be mediating for the marriage, I could feel the public and Daddy Freeze himself feeding on the predicament of this troubled couple. The gossip industry is hungry for news and the social media is waiting for the next big news, good or bad and it looks like the parties are cashing in on it.

I believe President Trump is the person that recently opened everybody’s eyes to the lucrativeness of publicity whether good or bad. To the advocates, any publicity is good publicity.

In Nigeria, I believe one of our senators has cashed in on the concept already with his re-election to the Senate with all the publicity he garnered in his journey with the Police in the past four years including sleeping on top of a tree for up to nine hours. The movie will definitely be a best seller when released and the Nigerian public is waiting.

From 40 seconds man, to paying for her wedding and non payment of school fees by an ex and all that, the interview was a real mouthful. It showed a woman in pain that needed to vent out.

But all I heard was not enough to cause the union to break down if not for my one test rule to marriage annulment. For me, domestic violence is a “no no” and is the only condition I support separation of married parties as I believe every other issue can be resolved with counselling.

Once “Okuru gi kpam, nnem or nnam just waka” (once he or she beats you just leave!). Forget about all this our “Ntuga” (bragging), humans are like chicken and can die at the slap of a hand. My dad described one “big” man that tried as he could to fill in on the seat he was sitting on.

The guy was so pompous, he felt like being injected so he could blow up and fill the seat haven realized how small he was compared to the big seat he sat as he spread his hands in a “dem go de pose” fashion.

Tonto’s story is not something the marriage institution should be happy about and we all must show love to this sweet mother of one and pray she heals completely and move on with her life.

Thank God she has even found a new lover and we pray he supports her in this journey. Marriage, just like love in Koko Masters language, is a beautiful thing and this one sad story must not make us not to make all effort in making it work when faced with challenges.

Remember, every marriage has challenges and it is the ability of the supposed matured minds to handle them that makes the difference.

Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Saturday 4th May 2019


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