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The Grant Guzzling African Diasporan Academic and Intellectual

Most African diaspora academics and their likes are merely GRANT guzzling pseudo-intellectuals

Most African diaspora academics and their likes are merely GRANT guzzling pseudo-intellectuals whose stock in trade is to sell their melanin skin in return for so-called “research funds”, followerships and status.
They double up the hustle by agreeing to become the poster entities and representatives of FAR-LEFT ideologues in Africa as they are usually embraced and exaggeratedly celebrated as great success stories by the atrociously ignorant African brothers and sisters who mostly do not know what the end game is all about.
These FAR-LEFT ideologues and institutions they represent artificially promote some of these our African academics with media and money and then make them wear Ankara and other African outfits fitted with DUKU (for the women) to match and a pretentious love for the ARTS “humanity” and “African culture” thereby legitimatizing them as African spokespersons in the eyes of fellow Africans and we mostly follow and identify with them..
They come down to Africa or through the media after being brainwashed and armed with IDEOLOGY and people follow them like zombies and then begin to see their utterances as incontrovertible.
I mean, ever asked yourself why these people accepted them? Is it about their competence or skin color? If the main reason I am offered this so-called “research funds”, grants, status or followership is because of my skin color, then, of what use am I really?
You see, QUOTA SYSTEM or AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in any guise tends to give back very bad returns at the long-run.
You see that your abroad based university academic, writer, or…..role model that you look up to? I am not saying you should stop but always read them with your pinch of salt handy…Very few of them are genuine and not motivated by some sinister forces. Most of them are merely pitchers of milk on top of lumps of poisonous consumables. THEY ARE NOT HERE TO EDUCATE YOU, THEY ARE HERE TO FOIST FAR-LEFT IDEOLOGY down everybody’s throats.
They are the ones to talk about legalizing murder (ABORTION) and confrontational feminism. They make suggestions with open-ended statements and innuendoes of how our ancestors supported gay activities and all. Most are intellectually dishonest and just wanna sell the ideology they have been brainwashed with by their hangers-on in the west.
Their specialty is the now famous FAR-LEFT tactics of VICTIM-SPEAK. Tell them that you are NO-VICTIM, Tell them you just wanna earn your strides by yourself and that you wanna do so with just HARD WORK and perseverance. Tell them to fcuk off with their racially charged favors of GROUP IDENTITY POLITICS. Tell them off and you will see that they don’t really like you, they just wanna use you as political bait and the spread of their detestable GROUP-THINK ideology.
They hate talking about hard work and competence. They love you if you are pro VICTIM-SPEAK and VICTIMHOOD.

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